12 Intellectual Attraction

Mr. Coffee: Lana Skye and my kitten – a subject to interpretation relationship that lasted even longer than ours did. But, as soon as Mia met me, she knew I was the only one who could make her purr. That was just pure, hot attraction – no “intellectual” prelude required.

Beatley Law School
September 13, 2010

“Alright, class. Who can tell me when the Defense Culpability act was passed in the Kingdom of Khura’in? Yes, Miss Fey?”

Mia put her hand down and answered the Professor’s question.

“June 14th, 2004.”

“Very good. Now, who can –”

However, the Professor was cut off before she could finish by another student. Lana Skye, this time.

“In the name of Her Eminence, those who would support criminals will be deemed just as guilty,” Lana called out.

“Uh, y-yes. That’s right. That’s the wording of the law word for word. Now-”

“Hold it! Which was signed into law by current reigning Queen Ga’ran Sigatar Khura’in!” Mia interjected.

Before the Professor could even speak, she was once again interrupted by Lana.

“Take that! Following the assassination of the previous Queen, Amara Sigatar Khura’in.”

“Objection! Which was perpetrated by her husband, Dhurke Sahdmadhi!”

“Not so fast!”

The two girls continued to argue back and forth about the ins and outs of this law, practically forgetting that the Professor and other students were even present. All that mattered was this proverbial competition between the two of them.

To the untrained eye, it might have seemed as though these two girls hated each other. But nothing could have been further from the truth.

In reality, these two were very close. Best friends, even. Sharing a dorm room, they spent a lot of time together, cracking jokes and generally palling around

But once they stepped into the classroom, the gloves were off. There were many names for what there was between them – as well as a whole lot of speculation from the surrounding hormone-addled students about exactly what else went on behind the closed dorm door of the two resident campus beauties.

Competition. Rivalry. Contention.

But the two brunettes had their own term for it.

Intellectual attraction.

Beatley Law School, Dorms
September 13, 2010

“You about done in there, Skye? The ocean only has so much water to give for your shower!” Mia demanded as she pounded on the bathroom door.

“Just cool your jets, Fey, I’m climbing out of the shower now,” Lana replied from inside.

“Give it a minute before you walk out here, I don’t wanna see you wrinkled like one of those old harpies back at Kurain.”

“Just try and stop me!” Suddenly, the forthcoming prosecutor burst out from the bathroom, causing the future legendary attorney to immediately shield her eyes.

“Gah! My eyes! They burn!”

“Oh, quit screwing around!” Lana cried, now clad in her silky brown pajamas. “I’m decent!”

“I’m covering my eyes from your face!”

“Oh, haha! Just get your shower already. I’m gonna get started on that essay on Khura’inese law.” Lana plopped down on her bed and pulled out her laptop.

“You think I’m stupid?” Mia took a seat on her own bed. “You and I both know there’s not a single drop of hot water left.”

“Damn, I guess you’re smarter than I gave ya credit for,” Lana replied blithely as she clicked away at the keys.

Mia mimicked her friend, pulling out her laptop and starting on the essay.

Several silent minutes went by and the air in the dorm room filled only with the sound of the girls’ fingers typing away. Finally, the busty co-ed broke the silence.

“Hey, Lana?”


“I’m curious. What made you decide to become a prosecutor?”

Lana’s fingers immediately stopped. “Why are you asking that all of a sudden?”

“Well…” Mia closed her laptop. “I’ve told you before why I want to become a defense attorney. But you’ve never once mentioned what put you on your career path. So I figure now is as good a time as any. No one else around, just you, me, and the ants.”

“Yeah, we need to get some poison for those,” Lana noted, before trailing off for a moment. “So, you really want to know what brought me to this school to become a prosecutor?”

“Kinda why I asked, yeah?”

Lana sighed and fiddled with her laptop for a moment before turning the screen to face her friend.

“Say hello to Lucy and Sonny Skye.”

Mia studied the two pictures on the screen closely. Both appeared to be in their mid-30s and bore hair that was roughly the same chocolate brown shade as Lana’s. The attractive woman was nearly the spitting image of her friend.

“These are your parents, right? I can see the family resemblance. Did they force you to go into law or something?” Mia asked.

“In a way, I guess you could say that.” Lana turned the computer around and began typing again. “My parents died a few years ago in a car crash. I was only 15 at the time.”

“Oh, I-I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to – ”

“It’s fine, Mia. You deserve to know what brought me here since you confided in me.”

“R-right…” The Fey heir nevertheless couldn’t help but feel bad for touching on such a sore subject.

Lana seemed to be speaking on auto-pilot now, each word spilling from her mouth as if she had said it a thousand times.

“The news says it was an accident. That it was a simple brake failure. One look at the brake line tells me a different story. It was cut.”

Then she turned her laptop around again.

Mia was now staring at an image of a mangled car, the driver’s side smashed in. In the corner of the screen was a picture of what appeared to be a brake line. Just as Lana had said, it appeared to have been cut.

“But… Why would the police and the news hide that?”

“I haven’t figured that out yet. I don’t even have a suspect in mind. But I plan to find out. That’s why I’m here. If I become a prosecutor, I can get my hands on the case file. I can find out what the police are hiding and I find the person who did this.”

“So you’re going to be a prosecutor to avenge your parents?”

“It’s not just about them, either, Mia,” she said earnestly. “My baby sister, Ema… I want her to have some closure on this as well. My baby sister’s a bright girl, so I think she suspects foul play too.”

“I see. So our reasons for being here aren’t so different.”

“I suppose not. We’re both looking for the person who made our parents disappear.” Lana seemed about to resume writing her essay when her friend’s next word’s abruptly halted the keyboard tapping.

“You know, it seems like you could be going about this differently if you just turned things around and looked at this from more of an outside-of-the-box perspective.”

Lana stared at her roommate.

“How do you figure?”

“Well, your end goal is to get access to the case file, right?” Mia reasoned. “You could easily go through everything to join the LAPD. That would be a lot faster than going through law school.”

“I have considered that route as well. And to be honest, joining the force is a dream of mine. But I have reason to believe there’s corruption within the LAPD. That they’re the reason this has been hidden. I need to have access from the prosecutor’s office.”

“But what about when you find this person? You won’t be able to just snap your fingers and have them behind bars. There’s not even any guarantee you’d be the one in charge of the case,” Mia pointed out, then smiled encouragingly. “But, if you were on the police force, then you could be the one to bring the evidence forward which brings the case to light, and helps put the culprit in jail.”

Lana appeared to be mulling this over, then nodded hesitantly.

“You’re right – just like always. I’ll think about it. But really, I’ve already come this far, so I may as well finish school, right? Gotta justify those student loans somehow!”

“Yeah, fair enough!” The busty knockout laughed as she put her laptop down. “Anyway, I’m gonna go ahead and get my shower now.”

“Make sure not to drain the ocean again.”

Mia merely snickered to herself as she closed the bathroom door behind her.

Beatley Law School, Courtyard
January 20, 2012

“This brings an end to our graduation ceremony. We hope each and every one of you goes out and makes the world a better place.”

The crowd began to disperse, the graduates going off to find their friends and family.

The two former dormmates, however, made a beeline for the bus station. They both had buses to catch. Separate buses.

“Kinda crazy that we’re finally graduated, huh?” Mia shed her graduation gown, revealing the black suit underneath. “I thought that ceremony would never end.”

“That’s an understatement. I honestly nodded off more than a few times.” Lana responded, before going quiet for a moment. “So, when does your bus arrive?”

“About 10 minutes. I got the earliest ticket I could.” Mia tapped her thumb against her teeth. “Honestly, I’m so nervous right now.”

“Don’t be,” the future detective smiled kindly. “You’re gonna ace the bar, I just know it.”

Lana then slid her gown own off to reveal a brown suit beneath.

“The next time I see you, Fey, you’d better be wearing a badge on that suit jacket.”

“Why?” Mia teased. “So you can have a new excuse to be staring at my chest?”

“Can you blame me for having some envy?” Lana exclaimed, gesturing towards the other girl’s ample bosom. “Look at those things!”

“These ‘things’ are called breasts, Lana,” Mia smiled smugly. “Just because you don’t have them doesn’t mean you don’t know their name.”


The girls continued to joke around for another few minutes. Finally, the time came for the two friends to part.

“I guess this is goodbye for a while, huh?” Mia murmured as the bus came into sight.

“I guess so. Go out there and kick some legal butt, Miss Fey!”

“And you go and kick some criminal butt, Detective Skye.

“Hey, you know that’s not official yet.”

Mia smiled knowingly.

“It may as well be.” The bus finally stopped and the door opened. “Keep in touch, Lana. Maybe I’ll be hired to defend someone you arrested one day.”

“You better hope not. It’d be a hopeless case.” Lana trailed off once more. “Hey, Mia?”

“Hmm? MMPH!”

Mia was taken aback as she suddenly found her best friend’s lips pressing against hers. The kiss lasted only a second, but it was a memory the future legal legend would hold for the rest of her life.

When Lana pulled back with a slight smirk, she said only one thing before rushing off to check her bus schedule.

“I’ve always wanted to do that!”

And just like that, the other half of the future Legendary Duo was gone. Mia stood there a moment, dumbfounded, before laughing to herself and turning around to climb on the bus.

Intellectual’ or not, I suppose there will always be some kind of ‘attraction’ between the two of us…


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