16 Sinful Temptations

Although she’d made smiling even in the worst of times and never stop believing in her clients her legal go-to missions, Mia Fey had never considered her unwavering faith in both mottos, learned from her lover, Diego Armando, to be the mark of naiveté or delusion.

Mia was keenly aware that some of the accused folks who came to Grossberg Law Offices seeking her defense counsel were actually guilty…as guilty as most men were of trying to peek down her blouse under the guise of making eye contact, something the busty brunette had been enduring for nearly 20 years. After all, she’d needed a bra since she was 9, and by 11 had bypassed the tensor-bandage training bras most adolescent girls required initially, and had gone straight to a 34B.

The buxom beauty had never been conceited about her model looks or bedroom body, merely considering them to be an asset in her legal career quest. It ultimately gave her an unforeseen advantage. The boys, and then later, men, who’d always been shameless about ogling The Fey Twins was something that’d at first embarrassed, but then amused her, as her bombshell appearance tended to distract most of them from the fact that an ever bigger BRAIN came along with the assets they couldn’t pry their eyes away, even with a crowbar!

It had always made her respect her boss tenfold, for it’d always been evident that said brains, not body, had been what’d landed her the coveted position as the newest rookie to Marvin Grossberg’s firm, alongside the rotund man, Robert Hammond, Diego and herself.

However, at that exact moment, Mia was fervently hoping her boss, despite being happily hitched, would prove to still be a typical man in the end and succumb to her feminine wiles, to make her mission successful.

“I –I can’t indulge, Miss Fey,” the sweat-dropping, porcine old man stammered, while doing his best to keep his eyes from dropping down to the bountiful bosom, which was in tantalizing vicinity. “M-My wife would kill me!”

“Come on, Mr. Grossberg,” Mia coaxed in her most honeyed voice. “You know you want it!”

She purposefully leaned further over her employer’s desk, ensuring her ample cleavage was on display and held up the sticky, homemade treat tantalizingly in front of the now red-faced, soggy hog, grateful Hammond was off with a client that day so he wasn’t around to witness this display. The legal lecher had zero qualms with making it evident HE noticed her assets, causing the possessive Diego to grind his teeth on daily basis.

“Just one little bite, birthday boy,” Mia purred, licking her lips in a sultry fashion. “I made these brownies especially for you.”

She miraculously kept a straight face as behind them, Diego winked at her, then made a gagging motion of sticking his finger down his throat while he stealthily put his nimble fingers to work on opening up Grossberg’s briefcase by the office front entrance table and swapping the contents inside of a particular item.

“B-But I really mustn’t!” The corpulent Grossberg protested. “Mrs. Grossberg has me a strict diet…”

“Happy Birthday to you…” Mia breathed, in her best Marilyn Monroe impression of JFK. “Happy Birthday, Mr. Grossberg…”

She leaned even closer so he could feel her breath on his face, noting out of the corner of her eye that Diego was nodding and giving her a thumbs-up sign before slipping back to his desk.

“….Happy Birthday to you!” She finished the song by playfully tapping his bulbous nose with her index. “Boop!”

Grossberg turned into a helpless, quivering mountain of blubbery goo.

“Well, I suppose just ONE won’t kill me!”

The spectacled attorney eagerly took the enormous, frosted, chocolatey square dangling from Mia’s fingertips. Greedily chomping half of it in one bite, he winked at her.

“But mums the word, Miss Fey! No telling the wife!”

“It will be our little secret, sir,” Mia promised solemnly, straightening up and assuming her regular professional air as she flicked her bangs. “I’m very good at keeping those….”

Tears ran down Mia’s face later that night at her apartment. Diego held his girlfriend’s shaking form in his arms, the cascading rivulets soaking the shoulder of his red dress shirt.

“Mystic Ami help me!” The brunette gasped, clutching her stomach as she wiped away the droplets of mirth still rolling down her cheeks. “I couldn’t take the guilt any longer which is why I faked a headache and went home right after you made the switch! Grossberg spent the next two hours in the bathroom afterward?!”

“The truth is darker than a bottomless cup of coffee!” The Latino let out a loud shout of laughter. “I was genuinely debating whether or not I needed to call in a priest to exorcise those demons that befouled the men’s restroom this afternoon after he ate those laxative-laden desserts you gave him!”

“That’ll teach him to betray me and my family with that snake Redd White!”

“I decided to leave early as well when I heard the banshee screams coming out of the stall after he came back to the office to try and soothe his burning culo gordo with his trusty hemorrhoid cream which he keeps in his briefcase!” Diego snorted. “I imagine the acid of the lemon I added to his new mixture gave the term ‘like the scent of fresh lemon’ a whole new meaning! Am sure he was reliving the days of his youth with every sting!”

“I feel so guilty!” Mia tittered, dissolving into another fit of giggles. “Even though he SO deserved it!

“You have nothing to feel guilty about, kitten,” Diego assured her, taking one of her hands in his own and placing a kiss on it. “After all, I’m the one who baked those special brownies – you were just the delivery girl!”

“I was the mastermind who drove the getaway car even though you’re the one who robbed the bank?” Mia asked, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

“Damn straight!” He declared shamelessly, planting a lingering kiss on her mouth. “I refused to let my kitten get these beautiful hands dirty!”

“Well, they’re about to get a whole lot dirtier,” she purred, already reaching for the clasp of his belt and expertly snapping it open. “Along with the rest of me…”

Mi gatita pecadora,” Diego growled against her lips as she went to work relieving him of his attire. “I take it this is Bonnie’s way of thanking her Clyde?”

“Bonnie and Clyde – serving justice wherever it’s called for,” she swore, the love in her voice evidence despite the lusty expression in her beautiful amber eyes. “That’s us, Diego Armando. Now and forever”

“We go together, ride or die.”

Mi gatita pecadora – My sinful kitten


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