20 We Can Go The Distance (JusticeCykes Part 2)

June 2028 – Athena Cykes Apartment

It’s so hard to say goodbye… even though Apollo and I bid each other farewell over a month ago!

With a gusty sigh, the Spring Chick hit the pause button on her Netflix remote, halting the romantic song between Zendaya and Zac Efron, then flopped her head back against the couch cushions.

Normally, The Greatest Showman was one of her favorite musicals. However, in her current despondency, the handsome High School Musical alum was incapable of either holding her interest or providing her the welcome distraction she’d been craving.

The last time she’d watched this film had been with Apollo, during one of their many weekend movie marathons at her place. Those nights had always been a blast for the yellow and red duo, and although the Horned Devil would’ve hated to admit it, she knew he’d enjoyed musicals as much as she did. Together they’d watched everything from Chicago to Aladdin. He’d even taken her to the live stage production of the latter for her last birthday. Then they’d playfully squabbled, as they always did with essentially everything, about which genie had been the best between Robin Williams, the hilarious Broadway actor, or Will Smith in the live-action movie.

Therefore, watching the scene of Rewrite The Stars was now downright excruciating, considering how all it did was bring on a wave of inescapable nostalgia and melancholy.

Two months ago, Athena had coaxed a couple of beers into her colleague and the normally uptight office butt monkey had loosened up considerably, resulting in him actually joining her, for the first time ever, in belting along to the iconic tunes of the musical. Apollo’s golden-throated vocals had sounded downright dreamy; he’d been showcasing some rather impressive, and clearly hereditary, pipes which very much demonstrated that his late biological father, Jove Justice, had been quite the musician.

After that, singing with Herr Forehead had become their secretly shared therapeutic experience.

Singing together was like musical therapy for me. It got my emotions back into rhythm. It had a way of releasing the feelings that were held within, of showing us both door and key. I’d never felt closer to him than I did at those moments…

Mierda!” Athena exclaimed out loud, clapping a hand over her eyes. “Get a grip, girl! Look at you, getting all moony and sentimental over a musical… And all because of a Horn Headed jerk-face who lives a million miles and a few oceans and continents away, who hasn’t returned a single one of your emails or calls or texts within the last month!”

That particularly stinging reminder resulted in a lone droplet rolling down her cheek, and she brushed it away angrily.

Hijo de puta – I’m actually crying over a guy who’s clearly never spared me a second thought – again! Madre de Dios …I am beyond pathetic!

No, forget pathetic. She was downright pitiful! She’d have to be if not even the ever-hunky Hugh Jackman could thwart her mind from drifting back to the boy who’d taken her heart with him when he’d made the fateful decision to stay in West Asia.

Nevertheless, despite how close they’d been, and that one unforgettable time she’d spent in his embrace when they’d had to say goodbye … Not one correspondence ever since.

Yet he’s been in touch with Mr. Wright and Trucy, so he can hardly claim he’s been too busy building up his stupid law agency as a valid excuse!

The palpably dismissive snub cut to her very core like a katana.

It’s Friday night – well technically Saturday morning now, and what am I doing? Certainly not going out and grabbing drinks with Mr. Wright and Maya, even though I know they only invited me out of pity, since in between trying to make me commit death-defying acts as her default magic assistant, Trucy can’t stop haranguing me about how I’ve allegedly been dragging my chin on the ground ever since Apollo left us!

Athena hugged a throw pillow against her chest and sulked.

It’s just as well I didn’t go. I would’ve only been a third wheel anyway if I’d joined those two, or even worse, the fifth wheel if Prosecutor Edgeworth and Ms. von Karma had ended up joining Smooching Special Someones at The Borscht Bowl. Still, at least Fredgeworth is a more dignified couple and can restrain themselves from publicly pawing at each other like a couple of lovesick dogs who need to get the hose turned on them! The Comeback King has been reduced to a pile of Royal Goo since last month, what with him and his other half acting like a couple of horny teenagers ever since we got back from Khura’in. For crying out loud, while it’s nice to see the boss so happy to have his girlfriend back – Pearl and Trucy are almost giddier about Phaya than the couple themselves! – it doesn’t mean I want to watch the shameless PDA fiends sucking faces every five minutes! It’s so inconsiderate! Don’t those goo-birds realize there are single, depressed people in their midst?!

The forlorn redhead drained her cocktail glass and scowled.

I’d rather have been at the office catching up on paperwork, but with my luck, they’d just drunkenly stumble back there and start going at it right on the visitor chesterfield– if not on the desk! Gracias, pero no gracias to seeing that show!

With a sharp pang, the teen realized just how deeply she missed Apollo. She wasn’t crying anymore though; it wasn’t that kind of miss. She missed him from the deepest recesses of her heart all the way to her very core, like an unfinished puzzle with one absent piece, and without which it’d forever be rendered incomplete. The kind of miss where she knew it was futile and no amount of wishing could possibly change things and make him come back. The kind of missing that would never go away no matter how much she willed it to and kept sprouting up in the most unexpected times and places, like dandelion weeds.

Nonetheless, she couldn’t be dissuaded from the urge to want to pick up the phone for the umpteenth time. It couldn’t stop her from wanting to hear his voice again, even if it wasn’t saying much, and if she’d had a few more glasses of wine – she probably would have dialed his number again.

No, not wine, a mimosa. Champagne mixed with her precious OJ, otherwise known as the juice of all champions. The weekend cocktail was her one vice in life. She’d already had three of them.

A guaranteed hangover with a side of vitamin C.

She hurled her pillow across the room as inspiration then struck.

Forget the phone! I’m going to video chat with that blasted poltroon and get as face-to-face as humanly possible, short of literally jumping on a plane like Mr. Wright did when he thought Maya was in trouble! Obviously, though, I’m going to need to ambush him, since there’s no way he’s going to pick up if it’s from me. However, I know whose video call he always will answer!

The galvanized counselor quickly sent out a rapid-fire text.

Trucy, your father has some important files on his computer that I must access for an upcoming court case. I need to log onto his computer remotely. Can I get his login password, please?

The reply came back instantly.

Sure, no problem. It’s MAYA4EVER. By the way, his Skype account handle is SirBlueKnight, and Future New Mommy changed his password recently, so it’s either SUCKITKRISTOPH, BURNTHEBEANIE, or FEYBURGERQUEEN. Also, make sure to tell Polly I said HI!

Athena tossed her phone back onto the couch as though it had suddenly scorched her fingers and felt her cheeks flame. The most inexplicable magical ability of the Troupe Gramarye heiress was her downright creepy and otherworldly ability to know exactly what was going on – even when you tried to conceal it!

¡Qué demonios! How in the name of Satan’s jockstrap did she know what I was up to?!”

The bewildered stripling padded down the hall to her bedroom, fired up her PC, and entered her employer’s screen handle into Skype. After two attempted login fails, SUCKITKRISTOPH did the trick.

Athena closed her eyes as her fingers hovered hesitantly over the video call icon. She had zero doubt Apollo would answer. It was early afternoon in Khura’in now, and it was Saturday, so he most definitely wouldn’t be in court. But how could she possibly justify her somewhat unhinged actions and kindergarten-level attempted espionage?

I’m a girl who’s in love. I don’t need to have any stinking logic!

Her mind flashed back to the last time they’d been together.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” Athena had blurted out before she lost her nerve. “Because if you’re really going to stay behind and I’m never going to see you again until The Holy Mother only knows when, there are far too many things left unspoken between us. Things that I just can’t ignore anymore. I don’t want to look back at my life and have any what-ifs. I don’t want to grow old and grey and ponder what might’ve been if only I’d had the guts. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with regrets and doubts and sleepless nights, wondering if I was the only one who’d felt this way.”

Apollo’s eyes were filled with sorrow and regret as he placed his hands on her shoulders.

“Tiger, don’t.” He shook his head. “Don’t do this. Please, don’t make this even harder than it already has to be. It’s foolish and pointless, and it’s only going to hurt us more.”

“Then I guess I am a fool!” She cried. “Because only a fool would take the biggest gamble of her life and lay her heart on the line like this!”


“You can’t lie to me, Apollo Justice!” Her vision became blurred by a sudden wash of tears. “I know we promised we’d never use our powers on each other, but right now, I don’t care! I can hear the secrets in your heart, and it’s crying out to me right now! I can tell these emotions are different from the regular sadness I heard when you were saying goodbye to Mr. Wright and Trucy. It’s something more, so don’t even try to deny it!”

The liquid beads were now rolling down her cheeks faster than she could wipe them away.

“There’s something else there right now, so there’s no use lying now that it’s just you and me! It’s been there for a long time and we both know it and I’m not leaving until you stop being such a coward and just admit it, dammit!”

Without warning, the hands that had been on her shoulders swiftly drew her towards him, and just like that, Apollo leaned down and kissed her, softly and sweetly. He pulled back for only a brief moment to stare into her tear-stained face with unmasked tenderness before gently wiping away another stray droplet that was leaking out of her eye. Then he pulled her close again. This time, Athena was prepared, her slender arms instinctively reaching up to wrap around his neck as he locked both arms back around her waist. She arched into him, her breasts crushed against his chest while his mouth slanted over hers again as he kissed her once more, deeper this time, and with more passion than she ever could’ve dreamed of.

No other words had needed to be spoken.

That low growl he made in this throat when our bodies were locked together like that still makes me tingle. It was the most intoxicating sensation I’ve ever experienced, knowing such power, and Lord help me, I’d move heaven and earth to hear it again.

Athena had always believed that the way a boy felt about you would always be known in his kiss; that even if she hadn’t already been gifted with the ability to hear what was in her lover’s heart, that she’d instinctively know whether her emotions were reciprocated. Convinced that it’d been so, she’d then gotten on the plane shortly afterward, her lips still tingling and her heart aflutter.

I was so convinced he felt the same way about me! That connection we had… It wasn’t merely friendship – I could feel it. I can’t believe that someone who meant so much to me – who still means so much to me – could forget about me that easily. Apollo was hardly the type to be so dismissive, or worse, the kind of rake that could kiss a girl like she was the only girl in the world; not unless he really meant it! So why has he been ghosting me?

The yellow attorney bit her lip nervously, her chest pounding erratically as the fuzzy picture slowly came into focus. The next thing she knew, Apollo’s astounded visage, complete with saucer-sized amber orbs, was filling her screen.

Athena!” He croaked when he finally was able to pick up his jaw from his chest. “You – you’re not Mr. Wright! What’s going on here? Is everything okay?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Wright’s fine. He’s out with Maya. I’m sorry to have resorted to such extreme tactics,” she said quickly, filled with utter joy at seeing that beloved mien as well as the simultaneous urge to want to punch it for putting her through this month of tortured uncertainty! “But I just had to talk to you and I knew you probably wouldn’t pick up if I called you from my own account. I’ve been losing my mind for the past four weeks, Apollo! I need to know why you’ve been avoiding me. Please tell me what I’ve ever done, or what I’ve ever said, to make you completely want to cut me out of your life.”

“It’s nothing like that!” He protested feebly, scratching the top of his head with a sheepish expression. “I’ve just been really busy, you know? It’s no small task, rebuilding the whole country’s legal system again from the ground up…”

“Don’t lie to me! I know you’ve been in touch with our boss and with Trucy.” The image on the screen grew a little shaky, and Athena found herself giving a silent prayer that the presumable dial-up connection in the third-world country would hold up long enough for her to say her piece. “Why haven’t you returned any of my calls, Apollo? Do you really hate me that much?”

“No!” He looked appalled by the question. “Nothing could be further from the truth, I swear! I’m just…”

He looked away from the camera then, refusing to meet her prying gaze, and mumbled the next words, although she wasn’t sure if the muffled sound was due to his uncharacteristically quiet tone, or the clearly unstable connection.

“It’s not you, it’s me, alright?”

“Then can you at least look at me,” she pleaded. “Apollo, please don’t ignore me. Please don’t ignore what we had. It may not have been much but to me, it was something really special. And while I don’t have much experience in these matters, the days I spent with you were the happiest ones of my life and I miss them. I miss you so much. I miss you like the desert misses the rain.”

Apollo was silent, although he did finally lift his head and looked directly at her, as requested. He appeared to be very conflicted and confused, but at least he wasn’t hanging up the call. That surely had to count for something.

“Do you ever miss me?” Athena asked desperately. “I didn’t call you to beg you to come back to California. I just want to know that I didn’t build up this whole fantasy based on my own one-sided feelings and desires. That I’m not delusional. I just need…”

She bit her lip.

“I just need to hear you say that you miss me, too. I know it probably wouldn’t change anything. I’m not even saying that if we were to try to give this a shot that it’d work out. I’m not completely without rationale or reason. There is nothing you could say to me regarding this that I haven’t already thought about. I know the odds are against us.”

“Then why do you keep making this so hard?” He demanded helplessly. “I know it was a yellow-bellied move to have avoided you as I did, but that’s because seeing you, talking to you – it hurts too damn much! Can’t you see that, Athena? I’m not only in another country across the planet – I’m on another continent – and 8000 miles away! I may as well be on the freaking moon!”

“Well, thank you for letting me know that you’ve at least spared a thought for me all this time,” she replied miserably. “I know you’ve always been the more reasonable and pragmatic one; that rationally you and I, given our current circumstances, wouldn’t make any sense. But right now, I couldn’t care less about all the sensible reasons why we should both walk away and never look back.”

Limpid azure eyes steadily met forlorn hazel ones.

“You know me better than anyone’s ever known me in all my years of existence. Therefore, you also know that I’ve never been one to lead with my head; I lead with my heart. And because of that, I’m just gonna put this out there, one last time.”

Athena grabbed her practically empty tumbler and tipped the final droplets into her mouth for the last bit of Dutch courage.

“Inevitably, perhaps it would be best to try to let you go and allow us to both move on with our lives. However, said logic still can’t erase the fact that I miss you with every fiber of my being. And now that I’ve finally gotten a hold of you, and I can see your face again, even on this somewhat pixilated screen of mine, I could not give aeronautical fornication about logic. If you were to tell me that you even feel half of what I feel for you and that you miss me. Say those words, and then just hold out those arms, because near, far, wherever you are, I’ll come running to you. I’ll run into your arms and never look back, and God willing, we can fall all over again.”

The words made his heart skip a beat. Had he heard her correctly?

“Did you say… fall?” He whispered in awe. “For me? You will? Er, you did? I mean, you have?”

“Like a ton of bricks! Look, I know this is all totally insane, ” she sighed. “It’s nearly one in the morning and I’ve had a few mimosas. Ergo, I tend to speak without boundaries when I’m tired and a little tipsy. But the bottom line is Apollo, these ears of mine don’t lie. I know what I sensed from you. I truly believe that you may have loved me, even just a little. Or that you at least could have loved me.”

Athena wasn’t sure if it was the combination of cocktails, the late hour, or the sight of that sweet baby face of his, but she was feeling more emboldened than she ever had in her entire existence, and the next words rolled off her tongue like ocean waves.

“Moreover, if you had ever mustered the valor to utter any of this out loud, you would’ve heard me say that I loved you right back.”

Apollo was speechless. In fact, his astonished expression was so exaggerated and comical, and so reminiscent of his taken aback countenance in the courtroom that she couldn’t help but giggle.

“You and I don’t communicate very well with words do we?” She noted ruefully. “Wasn’t that why you kissed me in the first place?”

He gulped nervously.

“T- Tiger, I wasn’t faking anything with that kiss. You have to know this. I meant it. I meant every word that I -I … Didn’t say.”

“And that’s music to my ears.” Her tone was playful now, and she was now feeling downright buoyant. Surely a boy who didn’t feel anything for her would have hung up by now, and not continued staring at her with that endearing combination of unmasked mystification and affection. “It’s just my luck… I finally tell a boy that I love him, and I reduce him to a speechless and stammering mess! I thought my feelings were obvious – was this honestly that much of a shock to you, you big nerd? Or should I have said it in song, instead?”

[Verse 1: Athena]

Must know I love you
Apollo with you I have no pride
I know you love me
So why do you push me aside?
You keep on acting en garde
Is it cuz I didn’t beg you to stay
Back in LA with me?
I never wanted to part
But how could I stop you
From fulfilling your destiny?

[Chorus 1: Athena]

Whether you’re near or you’re far
If I have your heart, I’ll be fine
It’s something I’ve known from the start
That you were made to be mine
Look in my eyes, and hear my plea
Can you deny we’re meant to be?
Whether you’re near or you’re far
You’ll always be my shining star
And light

[Verse 2: Apollo]

Please listen to me
My heart is yours, that much is true
But there are oceans
And many miles keeping me from you
I never want you to cry
Your tears they would break me if I should be seeing them fall
It’s not a matter of pride you’ll have to face up and see
That we are facing too many walls

[Chorus 2: Apollo Justice]

Wish I could be near not be far
How to withstand the test of time?
Even though you’re in my heart
Our fates are not meant to be entwined
It hurts but it’s true, I must set you free
Just the thought of it’s killing me
Wish I could be near not be far
Cuz you are my shining star
And light

[Post Chorus: Both, Apollo JusticeAthena Cykes]

Just wish I could be with you
Just wish I could hold and kiss you
Want to give my all to you
It’s inconceivable
Not inconceivable
Not inconceivable?
Say it’s conceivable

[Chorus 3: Apollo JusticeAthena Cykes]

Whether you’re near or you’re far
If I have your heart, I’ll be fine
It’s something I’ve known from the start
That you were made to be mine
Look in my eyes, and hear my plea
Can you deny we’re meant to be?
Whether you’re near or you’re far
You’ll always be my shining star
And light

Her lyrical voice was as beautiful as the girl herself. Apollo couldn’t believe he’d restrained himself all these years from grabbing her and kissing her senseless at every given opportunity or taking every chance he’d had to tell her how he’d felt about her this whole time. Athena was like a rare gem, a true pearl in an oyster, only far more precious and rare.

For me, the best people on earth are the ones who seem to have the roughest, most tragic backstories. I’m very lucky to have so deeply connected with someone who has experienced the struggles, battles, and casualties of life’s journey, so much beauty in their scars. These are the people who have been through hell yet walk out of the flames carrying buckets of water for those still consumed by the fire. Despite everything, she still believes in the innate goodness of humans. And that, I believe, is what makes her quite so easy to love.

[Outro: Apollo Justice]

Must know I love you
Athena with you I have no pride
But this just won’t work
And knowing this leaves me
Dead inside…

Despite the beautiful music they had just made together, Athena had never felt more torn. Half of her was filled with jubilance, unlike anything she had ever known, to hear that she was loved in return. However, the other half was filled with a crazed need to let the object of her affection know just what he was missing out on since he insisted on using his enormous horned head to guide his life decisions instead of his heart!

In the end, it was a case of the devil take the hindmost. The latter side won.

“That’s fine, have it your way then,” she shrugged, casually taking off her jacket with painstakingly slow, deliberate movements and biting back a knowing grin as Apollo’s eyes widened in disbelief. “You know, even this late at night, it is still so hot here in Southern California! I was so tired when I got home from work that I didn’t even change out of my work clothes. You don’t mind if I slip into something more comfortable now, do you? I’m already in my room, so I may as well get into my pyjamas and call it a night.”

Tilting her head to the side, the busty beauty flashed her most sultry smile at the camera as she began loosening the buttons on her blouse, displaying a tantalizing amount of cleavage after the third lay gaping open, exposing the lacy edges of her red brassiere.

Apollo made a tiny noise. It sounded like a whimper.

“I can’t wait to get this thing off,” she remarked coyly, tracing her fingertips against the satin strap of the undergarment. “Hope you don’t mind my lack of modesty, but after a long day, the material just gets so itchy against my smooth, creamy skin…”

Tiger,” he groaned, his horns drooping haplessly. “What are you trying to do to me here? Are you trying to kill me?!”

“Of course not!” Athena’s pretty face was one of pure, wide-eyed innocence. “I just figured that since you’re too much of a scaredy-cat to want to take a chance on us, and I’m going to be nothing but a distant faded memory after this call, I may as well give you something to remember me by…”

“Sweet mother of melon bread with ketchup on the side!” Apollo was practically drooling now, knowing the gentleman thing to do would be to look away but at that point, you couldn’t have pried his starved gaze away from the screen with a crowbar. “Are you trying to cause me sudden death by blue balls … Nrgh! Wait! Oh, come on! Not now! Noooooooo….”

The last words of the sentence came to a long-drawn halt as the picture completely froze on the screen then, the red attorney having completely lost his battle against the shoddy Khura’in connection at last.

The last sight Athena saw was the flagrant admiration and lusty desire on the Horny Devil’s face before the picture cut out completely… Just before she had removed her shirt completely and was wearing nothing but her skimpy undergarments. She let out a ruthless, triumphant snicker. At least she didn’t need to worry about him forgetting her now!

“Ha-ha! Take that, buster! Clearly, the technology Gods have conspired in my favor to make sure he didn’t even get one final full eyeful! Serves him right!”

The victorious feeling slowly faded away though, replaced by full-blown despondency.

She had taken the reins, yet it had gotten her nowhere. She’d told Apollo she loved him, and he’d finally admitted that he loved her, but it’d still ended up in heartache for both of them.

Oh well, what had she really expected would happen after her declaration of ardor? Apollo never had been the suave sort, like Klavier, or the gallant type like Mr. Edgeworth, so she’d always known a lifetime of unctuous flattery and wining and dining would never have been in her future. The Red Pepper wasn’t even the grand gesture, romantic type of guy like Mr. Wright, who had run across a burning bridge trying to save a girl who hadn’t even been his girlfriend at the time; the very same woman he had dropped everything for and rushed off to jet halfway across the world because he’d needed to ensure her safety.

Simply because Phoenix Wright loved Maya Fey that much.

What I wanted the Stink Bug to say was, “you are as mad as a hatter but I love you for it,” or “this is just so crazy that just might work, so let’s just dive in headfirst and throw caution to the wind. What I was hoping he would do was look at me in that special way that only he can and acknowledge that while he isn’t a gambling guy, he was willing to go against all odds, even when they weren’t in our favor, because I was a risk worth taking.

The heartbroken redhead fell back onto her bed and curled up into a little ball.

“Falling in love farking sucks,” she grumbled to herself. “Sucks harder than a Hoover and a Dyson combined! Sure, it’s all rainbows and flowers and unicorns and knights in shining armor… Until one day you wake up to reality and realize that your Sir Lancelot is really just a jerk in tinfoil. A cowardly jerk in tinfoil!”

The sudden beep in the silent apartment interrupted her next daisy chain of colorful grousing. The notification sound had come from her mobile, which Athena belatedly remembered she’d discarded in the living room when she had come to her computer.

Who could that be? She wondered grumpily. Probably Trucy needling me about how my Skype call with Apollo went. Well, looks like I’m going to have to break it to the poor kid that she’s going to not be reusing her bridesmaid gown for Mr. Wright and Maya’s upcoming wedding for any future JusticeCykes nuptials!

Plucking her phone off the sofa, Athena glanced down at the screen, and this time it was her turn to have her jaw hit the floor.

It was an email from Apollo.

Subject: Let’s DO THIS!


Forgive me. This may seem like the most abrupt turnabout in human history, but let’s just say with your unconventional methods… you are one hell of a persuasive defense attorney! You’ve won your case against this eternally pessimistic doomsday legist. There’s a reason you’re considered the Courtroom Révolutionnaire!

I’m not too great with words, so bear with me. There’s a reason this daft loudmouth is a lawyer and not a lyricist.

I don’t know much, Tiger, but I do know a good thing when I found it. I know that reciprocated emotions are harder to come by than a pearl in an oyster, and therefore when one finds something so precious, and so rare, they’d have to be an utter fool to ever let that go. There’s a reason they say fools rush in. You once called yourself a fool for wanting to be with me, but if wanting to be with the most beautiful, zany, crazy, smart, sexy girl in the world makes me a fool right back, then I never want to be considered smart, ever again.

So… let’s do this.

I’m just gonna throw caution to the wind and forget all about reason and timing and logic and the days between texts. Instead, I’m going to think about how every time I close my eyes, it’s your face that I’m going to see in my mind, and it’s the only face I’m going to want to see, ever, because you have left footprints in my heart that will never fade.

I’ve decided I’m going to stop running away or trying to do what I think is best or noble for everybody. Instead, I’m going to be reckless and crazy and wild for the first time in my entire life.

More than anything in the world, I want you to come running towards me, without any fear of recourse.

I want you to do this, because at the exact same time, I’ll be running to you with arms wide open and who cares if we collide like two cataclysmic comets; that would still be better than passing each other like two ships in the night.

I’m going to wrap you in my arms and forget about everything else in the world and its expectations and rationale and whether or not this makes any sense.

This is love, Athena Cykes. Yours, mine, ours. You make me want to stop fearing everything and just hang on for this uncertain, wild, thrilling ride no matter how crazy or unpredictable it may be. I know that just as long as we’re together, I’m fine, because I’ll have you there to hold my hand.

In short, here comes Justice! He’s all yours, for as long as you’ll have him.

Attached is an open date, round-trip ticket to the Kingdom of Khura’in. I can’t afford first-class just yet, since I’m just getting my business off the ground, but trust me, I will be counting the days until I see my Tiger’s beautiful face coming off the coach section of that airplane.

I’ve got to go now. I need to use these Chords of Steel to go yell at my internet service provider for their lousy timing!


P.S. That little show interruption only counts as an intermission, right, not a curtain call!? I’ll be counting the days until it can continue in person!


Heart-Warming Java Shots Copyright © by JordanPhoenix. All Rights Reserved.

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