23 Clash Of The Swords

Wright Anything Agency – July 10, 2026


Phoenix found himself in a reflective but uncharacteristically upbeat mood as he strode down the hall, without his usual torpidity, towards the former Wright Talent Agency. It was now known as the Wright Anything Agency, as Apollo Justice had, at last, joined Trucy and her father as the agency’s latest addition.

The red attorney was now armed with the latest arsenal the pianist had just equipped him with at the courthouse in the State vs. Machi Tobaye case, courtesy of the poker champ’s dear old friend with whom he’d recently become reunited, Detective Ema Skye.

The spiky-haired man was smiling to himself as he remembered the flummoxed expression on the young lawyer’s mien when he’d been bequeathed the mysterious evidence – fragments of a firecracker found at the crime scene. It would surely secure Apollo’s victory in the mysterious murder trial, even though in doing so, unconventional means needed to be utilized, and an inconvenient suspect would be brought to light.

Nonetheless, it was just as the card shark and Ema had been discussing during their discreet tête-à-tête sessions ever since Phoenix’s latest homicide acquittal. Under the current court system, it would not be easy to indict the true perpetrators. Drastic measures needed to be done, and some things desperately needed to be changed. It wouldn’t be an overnight solution, of course, but Phoenix was confident that between himself and the justice-seeking science enthusiast, they could come up with a solution to bring down the corruption behind the Dark Age of the Law.

Of course, it wasn’t purely business talk whenever he met up with the Snackoo muncher. The two comrades genuinely did bask in one another’s company. Most of their late-night coffee or dinner get-togethers included tons of catch-up chats and countless rounds of laughter. Phoenix especially got a kick out of hearing Ema’s daily dose of trash-talking the glimmerous fop who was her present superior!

The former lawyer was still rejoicing in the simple pleasure of having a strictly platonic female in his life after so long. A genuinely warm-hearted, true-blue friend who wanted absolutely nothing from him – except the pleasure of his company – not his body! Ever since he’d put the brakes on their nearly carnal encounter, nothing of the sort had never come up again. She not only didn’t begrudge him anything, but she also seemed to be enjoying their camaraderie as much as he was. Liking him just for being him was what set Ema apart from all the other women he’d known over the years, and her amity was like a soothing medicine to his lonely, battered soul.

I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone. This warm, comfortable, uncomplicated relationship makes me realize I’ve not only been looking for love in all the wrong places but how I’ve stupidly been believing a warm body for the night would fill the void in my heart, when what it always ultimately ended up doing was making me feel even worse.

Phoenix entered the premises and made a beeline for the bar fridge, grabbing a cold grape juice and leaning back against it, lost in thought.

Thank God for Ema Skye; the sweet, bubbly teenage girl who grew up into a witty, intelligent companion I wholly adore. Even though I have to keep our hangouts on the down-low, so Trucy doesn’t get her hopes up about the world’s grumpiest detective being a “new mommy” contender, I can’t get over how much I enjoy our twice-weekly meet-ups. She’ll do her bad German impersonation of Klavier, or we’ll just laugh about the stupid things the drunks at the Borscht Bowl did, or what crazy antics occurred with people at the courthouse or precinct. I feel like my life doesn’t completely suck now that I have Ema back in it – even if I still do get the occasional pang about who she reminds me of.

He forced himself to stifle that particular twinge of nostalgia before he went on yet another wistful downward spiral, twisted the cap off the frosty bottle, and took a long swig while he continued his musings about the pretty brunette.

Nevertheless, that woman’s been my lifeline. With just her friendship and support alone, she’s made me realize that you’ll have bad times, but it’ll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to. She makes it easier for me to legitimately smile now. Side by side, we hope for a better tomorrow – me getting my badge back and Ema finally achieving her forensics dream, even if she has to go back to Europe to take the test again.

He sighed.

I wish I had the monetary means to go to The Continent. Apparently, that’s where they have that coveted court structure she keeps mentioning to me. Hmmm, even though I haven’t heard from him in ages, I should shoot Edgeworth an email and ask him more about that jurist system. Last time I checked, his Interpol assignment had him at least passing through Borginia…

The unanticipated loud knocking at the door lurched him out of his reverie. Trucy and Apollo were still at the courthouse, and Ema was at work. He hadn’t been expecting anyone, so he had no inkling who it could be. There was a perplexed crinkle in his forehead as he went to greet his surprise guest.

Who else from my fan club wants a piece of me? He thought dryly. I’d have hoped good ol’ Ema would have spread the word on my behalf that I have put my admittedly overused dong into retirement now and am now living the tranquil Zen existence of a celibate monk!

He swung open the door, his shocked mind barely having time to register the unforeseen sight of his visitor before a sharp, blinding impact stole the breath from his lungs while simultaneously annihilating everything that surrounded him.

Phoenix’s vision blurred, and everything became fuzzy as his consciousness dissolved through an empty space filled with thick static. He found himself hurtling to an invisible floor, all feeling in his body draining away until finally, everything went black.


Zheng Fa– April 30, 2026




Ring, Ring!


“Hello, have I reached Fey Manor?”

“Yes, this is Pearl Fey. How may I assist you?”

“I’m looking to speak with the Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique. Is she available?”

There was an awkward pause on the line.

Hello? Are you still there?” The caller frowned in perplexity. “May I speak to Maya Fey, please?”

“I –I’m sorry to tell you this.” Pearl’s voice shook slightly. “But unfortunately… Mystic Maya is no longer with us.”

The announcement was shocking. The caller’s mind was sent reeling, unable to comprehend or process what had just been heard. Blinking rapidly and taking deep breaths to quell the mounting dismay the news had stirred within him, he coerced himself not to get emotional just yet and allowed his professional instincts to take over. After all, he’d been trained to deal with this kind of situation on numerous occasions.

“I hesitate to jump to any illogical conclusions,” he began evenly, even though his knuckles were gripping the phone receiver so tightly, they’d turned white. “But based on what’s just been conveyed to me, am I to take it to mean that Maya Fey… has passed away?”

There was a strange silence following the question, and he could hear Pearl hesitating with her next words, as though struggling with how much information to relay to a nameless stranger over the phone. However, just as he was about to divulge who he was, the girl spoke again, sounding less morose and more uncertain.

“No, I don’t believe Mystic Maya is deceased…”

The feeling of relief that would result from this elucidation would come to him later.

“….she just hadn’t been here for a long time, and I don’t know if or when she ever will be again. So, in the meantime, if there’s nothing I can help you with, sir…”

No! He mustn’t allow the spirit medium to terminate this call! What he needed was further clarification, although knew it wouldn’t be received until he revealed his identity.

“Miss Fey – Pearl, please don’t go just yet.” He cleared his throat. “I apologize for not disclosing who I was sooner – I should have realized you wouldn’t recognize my voice after so many years – but it’s me. Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth.”

Pearl emitted a startled gasp.

“Mr. Eh-ji-worth?! My goodness, it’s been so long – I apologize for not realizing who you were! I can’t believe it’s you! H – How have you been?”

The magenta-clad man attempted to speak in a manner with less of his normal curtness and appear more cajoling.

“I’m fine, thank you. I must profess to also feel rather relieved you’ve enlightened me with the news that your cousin is not dearly departed! But what did you mean when you said you don’t believe she’s deceased? Does this mean you don’t actually know?”

“I do know Mystic Maya isn’t up in heaven with her mother and sister, because I can’t channel her,” Pearl explained resignedly. “Unfortunately that’s all I know!”

“What do you mean?” Edgeworth wasn’t sure how many more of these bizarre conversational curveballs he could handle. “You’re Maya Fey’s closest living relative! How can you not know?”

“I haven’t seen or heard from her in seven years when she went away on her last training course overseas!” The teen confessed miserably. “The sole correspondence I’ve gotten from her ever since was a single handwritten letter. It instructed me to continue with my spiritual studies and become acting Kurain Master in her absence, and eventually, in her place. It also cited that these were her final wishes for me, so I have no choice but to obey, even though it’s the last thing I ever would have wanted! And that’s all the information I have to give you, Mr. Eh-ji-worth. I’m sorry I can’t tell you anything else.”

There was a sniffling sound on the phone, and it sounded as though Pearl was crying now.

“It was nice talking to you again, but I have to go now. Take care. Bye.”

Even after the spirit medium had rung off, the prosecutor stood there for several moments, the receiver still in his hand. His mind felt awhirl as he tried to absorb everything that’d just been relayed to him.

It all sounded too suspicious for words. There was something rotten in the state of Denmark. Of this he was certain.

Edgeworth dimly remembered Phoenix explaining the deadly history of animosity and jealousy amongst branch families of the Fey clan towards the main branch. The calculating schemer the poor unfortunates Pearl had called Mother had vehemently believed the prestigious Master title should’ve been based on spiritual talents and capabilities, not a mere birthright. These very roots had resulted in the darkly ambitious Lady Macbeth of Kurain trying not once, but twice to have her sole remaining niece eliminated so her youngest daughter could take over the village leader position.

But Morgan Fey was dead now. She’d been executed for her involvement a month after the horrific chain of events involving the Hazakura Temple incident. Yet even in death, it seemed the conniving witch had somehow succeeded in getting her final wishes granted. Based on his conversation with her, it appeared that Pearl would become Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique, whether she wanted to or not.

The prodigy prosecutor had always prided himself on his ability to tackle even the most complex situations with his usual methodical logic, and even considered himself a Chessmaster, both on the game board and in real life, because of it. A certain top-hatted English gentleman he’d acquainted himself with many years ago had insisted that every puzzle had a solution. Nonetheless, this particular one seemed even beyond Edgeworth’s own capabilities to solve. At least, not by himself.

The good news was that wherever she was, Maya Fey was still alive.

The bad news was that deciphering this quandary, (which had been brought to his attention by a certain self-proclaimed Great Thief, via a particular Snackoo munching detective), had not been as easy as just assuming his best friend had been too ignorant or prideful to simply pick up the phone and ring the Master herself. Instead, it’d opened up a Pandora’s Box, unleashing what appeared to be a much darker and more sinister mystery than he could’ve ever possibly imagined.

Slamming his hand down on the table, Edgeworth scowled at the phone as though it were the cause of all his burdens.

“I have never before seen an inanimate object be the recipient of such a baleful stare before,” a female voice remarked idly. “Given your talent for glaring holes through a wall at will, Little Brother, I am unable to determine whether or not if it is the telephone itself or the person with whom you were speaking that is the cause for your ire?”

The frustrated man glanced over his shoulder at the former prosecutor turned Interpol Agent who was casually leaning on the doorframe of his hotel bedroom and narrowed his eyes. His nerves were already slightly frayed. Therefore, he was not at all impressed with either Franziska’s blasé observation or the goading overtone to it.

He tried to keep his voice level as he jutted his chin towards the adjoining door on the far side of his lodging, which connected his room to her next-door suite.

“I’d assumed you’d retired to your chambers for the night, Big Sister. After all, don’t you have some burning questions that need to be responded to privately, posthaste?”

“Are you referring to the innocuous inquiry Ema Skye made to Kay Faraday regarding the Phoenix Wright Fan Club in the email our little ninja friend just sent me?”

The smirk on her face deepened as she saw his jaw clench ever so slightly.

“Perhaps your cravat would not have gotten so extra ruffled had you not insisted on being so overly inquisitive, you fool! You have no one but your own foolish self to blame for reading that personal message addressed to me – meant for my eyes only – over my shoulder!”

Edgeworth had no snippy comeback whatsoever to this admitted truth. Instead, he closed his eyes and remained stodgily silent, while desperately wishing – yet again! – that he could un-see the salacious bit of knowledge he’d unwittingly acquired about his foster sister because of his most regrettable moment of curiosity! The knowing glint in her eye only added insult to injury, as it indicated that his attempted aloof exterior about the whole situation was fooling no one.

Objection!” He snapped, more harshly than intended. “You know very well it is not my nature to be the prying sort into private affairs, Franziska. It was never my intention to invade your privacy, but my interest was piqued since Kay chose to message you instead of me. This seemed most unusual, seeing as how she was my assistant! Ergo, I only wanted to know if I had been mentioned in her message. Believe me, I never would have willingly wished to become privy to your … impudent fan girl tendencies regarding my childhood chum!”

His unintentionally loud outburst in his attempts to defend his actions only served to make her insolent grin widen.

Impudent fangirl?” Franziska drawled, waggling her black-gloved forefinger at him. “Is that how you choose to see this organization of people who have chosen to band together in their support for your wrongfully indicted, unjustly disbarred best friend? I’ll have you know the fan club membership has always been open to anybody over the age of 18, male and female, so take that!”

The perfect prosecutors eyed each other stonily for a second before she continued her condescending speech.

“For the record, if I actually thought you would agree to it, I could have easily made you an honorary fan club member, even in absentia! I would think as Phoenix Wright’s best friend, you would be supportive, rather than scathing about the existence of such an organization, Miles Edgeworth! Shame on you for letting your petty jealousy cloud your judgment about the bigger picture!”

Edgeworth felt a tinge of heat mounting in his cheeks at the veracity of the statement.

“Jealous?” He scoffed, letting out a sardonic snort. “Now who’s being not only foolish but presumptuous, Big Sister? Don’t flatter yourself!”

Franziska appeared completely unfazed by his derisive retort. In fact, it was maddeningly obvious she was thoroughly enjoying provoking him now, as her smirk then morphed into a full-blown, Cheshire Cat grin.

“I maintain my allegation that it is indeed the green-eyed monster causing your normally stoic disposition to unravel as we speak. Why else would you be getting so defensive about how despite my checkered history with that foolish fool, I have proven myself to be even more of a devoted supporter of his than even you are?”

Hold it! I very much resent this baseless conjecture! For your kind information, I have not even remotely vacillated in my alliance with my former courtroom rival!” Edgeworth refused to waver from his defiant stance. “I have kept in regular touch with him all this time, until this past year, due to the undercover nature of our assignment. My loyalty to Wright has never faltered, nor has my belief that he was wrongfully inculpated, not to mention framed, in that forgery allegation. I have zero issues with this fan club in support of him. What you are grossly mistaking for jealousy is naught more than great surprise, that Franziska Von Karma, of all people, was a celebrated fan club member, given your long-standing loathing for the man.”

“Despite you pleading his case over the years to me about how Phoenix Wright was not only a worthy friend but brilliant attorney, I have simply taken longer than most to acknowledge you were right all along. I’m inclined to feel sorry for a foolish fool who foolishly spends his time… foolishly. Moreover, I can concur at last that said foolish fool of a man does possess some charm, after all.”

She shrugged with deliberate insouciance.

“I have officially matured enough to realize the spiky-haired fool was never my enemy, and my earlier resentment for him was unfounded. Although, for the record, I have no idea why the LAPD’s latest addition felt a need to turn to me to answer her particular query.”

He cocked an incredulous brow, and she averted her gaze.

“Ema was merely unsure of whether or not she would be able to attain exclusive VIP Membership – which gives members a shirtless picture and newsletter access, since she had only kissed, but never engaged in Geschlechtsverkehr with Phoenix Wright…”

“You mean ride that stallion just like a certain Wild Mare did?” Edgeworth could barely get his lips to cooperate; he was so sickened by the very notion. “Just admit it already! Along with presumably every other female member of that club, you and Wright engaged in some sort of … sordid tryst, didn’t you?”

She briefly faltered, her silence speaking more volume than any words, which one made him crosser.

“I’m right, aren’t I? How else to explain that obscene, handcuffed photo of him on the fan newsletter cover which was attached in Kay’s email?! That’s the true reason why Ema thought a ‘cattle-prodding the oyster ditch with the lap rocket’ with him was a prerequisite, isn’t it?”

Her cheeks flamed as his voice rose accusingly.

“Are you honestly trying to insult my intelligence and play the innocent card here, Big Sister?” The barrister gritted his teeth as he ground out his words. “Or did it never occur to you that Ema’s question was redirected to yourself because you are the VICE-PRESIDENT of the bloody Phoenix Wright Fan Club?!”

Franziska blinked, obviously as stunned by his uncharacteristic eruption as he was, but she recovered swiftly as she narrowed her eyes and lifted her chin loftily.

“Who are you to condemn what I do in my private affairs, Miles Edgeworth?” She tossed back flippantly. “I would have assumed you still had your attention too ensnared by your Goddess of Justice advocate to give a second thought to my comings or goings!”

“Surely you don’t mean Justine Courtney?” Edgeworth was taken aback by the mention of the busty brunette. “Whatever made you bring her up, of all people?”

“Was not your enamored status with your Frau of the gravity-defying, pneumatic bosom the reason you barely kept in touch with me all this time?” The German woman challenged. “I barely heard from you at all after that courtship had commenced! As is tradition, you left me behind yet again, without even a backward glance!”

“My connection with the good judge ended over a year ago,” he replied stiffly. “She claimed that it was my reluctance to settle down, as well as the fact that I seemed more besotted with my career than her, as the reasons.”

Justine had reproached him for being an unemotional, steadfast workaholic, founded accusations he that knew he couldn’t deny. While he’d genuinely cared for her, he’d never felt any sort of untamed, burning passionate love for the judicial beauty. She’d gotten into his blood, but not his heart or mind. Their breakup had been for the best, as for some reason, something had always made him hold back from taking that next relationship step and his former paramour had sensed it as much.

But before he could ponder further about the accuracy – or underlying cause of his ex’s assertions – the fiery beauty was already brewing up the next storm, her haughty façade utterly crumbled to dust.

“You have been single for a year, yet you still remained a stranger to me? How typical of you to forget me and not even spare me a second thought! Who knew when I would have seen you again since you barely contacted me ever since you busted that smuggling operation seven years ago?”

She pointed an accusing courtroom finger at him.

“It wasn’t up until last summer when the Wolf Man assigned me to work on this undercover operation and gave you no choice in the matter, that our paths crossed again. You and I only grew close once more because of our conjoined efforts of trying to help out the Zheng Fa government weed out the corruption implemented by the former fake president!”

The slate-haired attorney cringed as tormenting images of Franziska and his best friend conjoined in the throes of animalistic concupiscence flashed through his mind.

ConjoinedNgh!” He shuddered. “Must you use such a term?  It only serves to conjure up the most harrowing images of my…Big Sister and Wright engaging in lewd, depraved acts of carnality!”

Damn you, Miles Edgeworth!”

The Wild Mare’s chest was heaving now with each ragged breath she drew.

“Just who do you think you are? You do not get to play the sanctimonious, overprotective brother card with me now, as a grown woman, when all our lives, you have always made it clear I am nothing more than an inconvenient afterthought! Where do you get off, daring to judge me for any of my adult indiscretions, while you’ve been out cavorting and causing frothing desire amongst the female masses over the years? It is your cross to bear, not mine if you’re now deeply disturbed by the coerced visions of another man finding me desirable!”

Sparks of hurt and anger flew out of her gray eyes.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but it was only a one-time dalliance, which was never even completed to fruition! My moment of Fickerei with your best friend is barely a blip on the radar since we were rudely interrupted by some cleaver-wielding maniac in a fox apron that night in People Park!”

“People Park?” Edgeworth exclaimed before he could stop himself. “What in God’s name were you doing there?”

Phoenix Wright, obviously!” She exploded wrathfully, uncaring that crude manner in which she spat out the name made him flinch slightly. “There! All my immoral activities in gory detail, have been brought to light, Miles Edgeworth! Are you happy now?”

“No,” he replied wearily, feeling utterly drained by all the bickering. “You’re absolutely right, Franziska. About everything. You’re a grown woman, and I have no right to judge who you … have liaisons with. As you pointed out, I’ve hardly been virtuous over the years, either. In hindsight, I know I may have appeared dismissive of you due to my work. Being a workaholic is what cost me my last relationship. While never my intention, it’s inexcusable and I’m sorry. Let’s just agree henceforth to keep in touch, regardless of the status of our love lives. The one caveat being that we spare one another the details of our private matters as much as possible!”

The firecracker femme paused for a moment, her sharp gaze peering searchingly into his before the anger drained from her face, and she gave a subdued nod.

“As you wish, Little Brother,” Franziska said quietly. Then, without another peep, she turned around and left, leaving a very conflicted, wholly confused, and still undeniably jealous Miles Edgeworth in her wake.

Zheng Fa– May 1, 2026


The prosecutor heard the ringing sound coming from his computer monitor, and quickly rushed over to accept the incoming video chat. An ebony-haired young woman, with a visible key in her ponytail, was beaming at him on the screen.

“Yo, Mr. Edgeworth! Have I got news for you!”

In her early 20’s now, Interpol Agent Kay Faraday still bore the same striking features and jovial cadence from her teenage days. She was presently bouncing in her seat with her familiar, childlike exuberance, obviously bursting to tell him her latest information.

“Good Morning, Kay,” he replied. “Is it safe to assume that despite making my request just last night, you already have information for me with regards to the whereabouts of the missing village leader?”

“Sort of. When I ran a trace on the plane records that left Los Angeles in April 2019, there was only one. It was on April 17, to Zheng Fa,” Kay informed him. “Unfortunately there was no return flight.”

“Could this truly be that easy? Is it possible Miss Fey has been in the very country I’m presently stationed in, all this time?” The cravat wearer crossed his arms as he mulled this over. “Or should I be more worried about the fact that she came to this country seven years ago – and then never left?”

“I’m sorry I don’t have a bigger update for you, even though getting the plane records was a cakewalk,” she apologized sincerely. “To be honest, it was harder getting hold of you since you went undercover last year and basically disappeared!”

“How did you manage to get a hold of me? I was more concerned with trying to track the whereabouts of Miss Fey to even inquire about that previously.”

That was a game of real-life Chinese Whispers if there ever was one!” She sniggered. “Apparently, your pal Phoenix Wright has been a complete emotional wreck all these years. Ema surmised the reason he was such a mess probably stemmed from mourning the loss of his former legal assistant and friend, who’d vanished without a trace. Therefore, she took it upon herself to tell Gummy how distressed the poor guy’s been. While concerned as well, naturally, the big lug had no way of reaching you anymore, either. But both detectives figured you’d be the only other person who would snap your BFF out of this funk, or at least get to the bottom of things!”

“No pressure at all there!” Edgeworth remarked wryly.

“I know, right? So in the meantime, Gummy messaged his dear old mentor, Uncle Badd, who in turn messaged Agent Lang, who then tasked me with tracing you and Ms. Von Karma. You guys did such a good job of moling underground near the mountainside military base that even the Wolf Man couldn’t reach you!”

Kay paused for a breath.

“Hence, I had to get innovative! In the end, I was able to trail the burning welted path of your partner in crime … solving, tee hee! Since she only joined you over there about a year ago, her contact information wasn’t as outdated. Well that, plus I investigated the medical records of the presumably corrupt officials who needed to be treated for whip-wounded injuries! There were way too many consecutive victims for them to be merely ranch-related accidents!”

Edgeworth sighed, even though a slight smile tugged at his lips upon hearing to what lengths of untraditional methods the next generation Yatagarasu had been resorted to.

“I told my Big Sister she was getting a bit too whip happy, although I suppose in the end, if that’s how you got a hold of us, it made it all worthwhile. I can’t help but wonder something though.

“What’s that?”

“Once you knew our whereabouts, why did you choose to message Franziska instead of myself?”

“Don’t worry Mr. Edgeworth, I still love you more!” Kay flashed a cheeky grin. “But Ema managed to get my contact information through Uncle Badd – she and I were friends back in the day, remember? So we started engaging in some girl talk – like how neither of us have yet taken the paddle up coochie creek! Then she mentioned how despite your bestie not technically putting his wand in her chamber of secrets…”

Oh dear Lord! Ema too?! The aghast prosecutor moaned internally. Is there no woman of a shared acquaintance whose loins Wright hasn’t sullied over the years?!

“…she was still gung ho on joining that fan club! However, President Iris wasn’t reachable to inquire to, as Ema wasn’t sure if she qualified, since she’d never actually done squat thrusts in the cucumber patch with Mr. Wright…”

Gah! Where does the girl come up with these debauched euphemisms? Here I thought the aforementioned term in her email to Franziska was bad enough – but she’s somehow managed to trump her ability to swear me off oysters for life! Can’t she just stick with tried and true, less vulgar terms? Like ‘going heels-to-Jesus’ or ‘praying with the knees upwards’ or even ‘opening the gates of Mordor?!’

The lawyer facepalmed. Hard. Kay winced sympathetically.

“Er, that looked kinda painful Mr. Edgeworth!”

Nowhere near as painful as this conversation has been! I used to play toy soldiers with Wright as a child! How is it I’m now forced to hear how he’s been standing at attention and opening fire on the battlefields of every female I’ve ever known?

“Sorry, I keep forgetting this is the same guy you used to play video games with as a kid! Anywhore, the untainted detective got nowhere trying to contact the group directly for answers. They told her she might have luck reaching the vice president, who happens to be Ms. Von Karma. I figured if anyone would know where you were, it would be her, so I managed to kill two birds with one stone by messaging her first!”

Kay appeared to finally be finished now and proudly raised a brown-gloved index beneath her nose, waiting for the chess champ to speak.

Instead, she noted the still-silent chess lover had folded his arms tightly over his broad chest. Moreover, his expression, as he commenced his infamous impatient finger tapping, could only be described as annoyed.

“Um, what’s up, Mr. Edgeworth? You seem…perturbed?”

“So, that’s all she wrote?” His voice was clipped as he eyed her coolly. “Your long-winded – and, might I add, traumatizing – explanation about why you messaged Franziska was even lengthier than your actual information update!”

“Um, yeah, sort of, for now….” Kay trailed off awkwardly and shrank back under his icy stare. “I mean, I didn’t have much to go on! But if you give me a bit more time…”

“Is that truly all you have to tell me?!” He glared at her in disbelief. “Then why did you lead into this conversation under false pretenses by commencing with the words: Have I got news for you!”

“Oh, that!” She brightened again, her previous discomfited moment vanquished. “I was super stoked to tell you some fellow otaku news! You know how I’m a Jammin’ Ninja freak? Well, I figured you’d be going through Steel Samurai withdrawal, what with being out in the sticks!”

“Western Asia, Kay. Hardly the middle of nowhere. Also, I have no idea where you got the cockamamie impression that I give a toss about some children’s samurai show…”

“Yeah, yeah, quit being so defensive, cuz you’re fooling nobody, you big ol’ weebo!” She guffawed at his indignant expression. “Or if that’s too extreme, should I stick with calling you my fellow otaku? Hee! Anyways, you’re right next door to The Kingdom of Khura’in, so you may have access to this awesome show I’ve discovered called The Plumed Punisher: Warrior of Neo Twilight Realm! You should
totally check it out!”

“I have no interest in such mindless, jejune frivolities,” he replied icily. “Nor do I know why you would fathom I would!”

“I thought you’d appreciate unwinding with some lighthearted frivolity, Mr. Edgeworth! It seems like you’re working too hard. Heck, you seem downright tense,” the Great Thief noted, her green eyes twinkling with mischief. “You’ve got little wrinkly lines on your brow…”

“Ngh!” He recoiled in outrage. “Of all the nerve! I’ll have you know there is neither line nor wrinkle upon my youthful brow!”

“…and you have zombie-worthy dark circles under your eyes, like you didn’t sleep well,” she continued, completely undaunted by his darkening expression. “Perhaps checking out the show will help you loosen up a tad?”

Edgeworth was inwardly fuming at his friend’s brazen astuteness.

Kay doesn’t realize how accurate her observation is! I’m certainly not going to admit that post altercation with Franziska, I tossed and turned the entire night, wondering why the idea of her copulating with my best friend bothered me so damn much!

“I’ve got to go now,” he stated abruptly. “Please let me know if you get anything else about Miss Fey’s whereabouts.”

With that, he rang off.

Half an hour later…



Ring! Ring!

“Hello, Agent Kay Faraday speaking.”

“Kay, it’s Miles Edgeworth. How did you manage to check out that Plumed Punisher show when you’re over there in Europe? I’ve spent the last 30 minutes scouring for it online, but I keep getting firewalls and redirected to sites with recipes for plums or the ones about the Marvel action hero, The Punisher!”

“So, you were looking up the show?” The Yatagarasu asked innocently. “Whatever were you looking up such mindless, jejune frivolities for, Mr. Edgeworth?”

Ugh! Shut up, Kay! He moaned inwardly, realizing he probably deserved to be ribbed somewhat, but not relishing how much she seemed to be rejoicing her minor triumph, as her derisive tone belied her innocuous question.

“Ngh! Franziska’s older sister, Kirsten, in Germany, has a teenage daughter. My niece, Genevieve, is interested in these sorts of things, ergo I figured for her sake, I’d be a good Onkle Miles and see if it’s even worth looking into…”

“Gee, Mr. Edgeworth, of course, you can’t access that show online!” Kay said slyly. “It’s only available in Khura’in! If you hadn’t hung up in such a hurry, I’d have told you that myself!”

The barely suppressed laughter was evident in her cadence now. The logical genius pursed his lips and mentally counted to ten.

“Egad, woman! If such is the case, why would you tell me about it then?!” He demanded peevishly. “And how did you know about it?”

“Oh, well naturally a Great Thief like me has her sources!” She bragged playfully. “I got um, a burnt DVD copy from an unknown source, who’s Debeste at finding these pirated things. Bless his geeky heart, he has no qualms admitting he’s a die-hard Nickle Samurai fan! Now, normally I’d never have an upstanding man of the law, like yourself, partake in anything that came from the shady black market …”

Kay Faraday, I swear…” Edgeworth uttered warningly.

“But since I know this is all in the name of you being a good uncle, I have zilch qualms with sending you a digital copy of the entire series!” She chirped “It’s a huge file, so it may take a bit – stand-by!”

48 binge-watching hours later…

Zheng Fa– May 3, 2026


SteelSamurai4Life: Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Khura’in! This is an outrage! A sham! A travesty! A greater malevolence than even The Evil Magistrate himself!

The sharp clicking of the keyboard was so loud, Franziska could hear it from the other room.

Edgeworth continued to type furiously, so busy with his incensed task that he didn’t even notice the German woman had come up right behind him until she gave him a sharp poke on the shoulder.

“What is it, Franziska?” He asked grumpily, his fingers still poised over the keys.

“Miles Edgeworth! What are you doing you, foolish fool?” She asked crossly. “I can hear you hammering away at your poor, abused keyboard all the way from my room!”

“Apologies for disrupting your slumber,” he mumbled blearily, before turning his gaunt face back towards the monitor. “I shall try to keep it down.”

She stared into his haunted, shadowy eyes and raised an eyebrow.

Meine Gott! Little Brother, pray tell, why do you have such dark rings under your eyes that would rival even a raccoon’s? Have you not slept at all for the past two days?” Franziska peered over his shoulder to study the computer screen. “Wait – this isn’t even work-related! Are you on some sort of fan message board?!”

“It’s the official forum for this ridiculous drivel Kay sent to me! What Khur’ain dares claim as an original show, called The Plumed Punisher!”

“I see by the address bar that you’re somehow linked onto the limited Khur’ain network. How did you manage such a feat?”

“The show is only exclusively aired on Khur’ain television, so Kay had to get me special online access.”

“Surely that is the finest utilization of Interpol resources I have ever heard of in history!” She jibed, but he was barely paying any mind to anything but his mission at hand. “I cannot believe this is how you have chosen to waste your free time, you fool! The esteemed logical genius, Miles Edgeworth, behind closed doors is an overaged … geeky fanboy!”

“You should see for yourself what larceny this show is of The Steel Samurai, Big Sister!” He snarled, jabbing an infuriated fingertip onto the screen. “It’s – it’s a farce!”

“You are unbelievable!” She put a hand on her hip, tone rife with disapproval. “Do you not know Lang will have a world-class fit over the fact that you used Interpol satellite uplinks for this?”

“Well, let the Wolf Man bear his fangs and have a conniption if he wishes!” Edgeworth grumbled, turning to face the computer again. “He can just bill me! I can afford it!”

“I’m going back to bed, you fool-hearted, foolish fool,” Franziska sighed with resignation as she turned to leave. “Try to keep the click-clack down, or else the next time I enter your chambers, it will be to make you taste my whip for once again robbing me of my beauty sleep!”

“Goodnight,” he replied distractedly, then continued on his enraged warpath, still quivering with fury at the bastardization of his favorite TV show.

Subject: Clash of the Swords –An Inconvenient Truth

SteelSamurai4Life: I am the judge and jury, so here is my verdict!

The Plumed Punisher: Warrior of Neo Twilight Realm show is NOT deliberate homage, but a not-so sneaky purloining at its worst … of a true legendary hero, the Steel Samurai!

It is blatantly insulting how it doesn’t even try to hide that it’s naught more than an utterly despicable RIP-OFF of a far more outstanding, and utterly innovative American show – especially the theme song!

Even worse, based on the comments I am seeing on these message boards, it’s perceived to be the greatest thing since Ramen noodles! It’s downright poppycock how these ignorant philistines of Khur’ain believe this unapologetic pilferage is an original Khura’Inese show! Unbelievable! This Princess Rayfa can’t even hold a candle to the Pink Princess, which she is a poor imitation of! The villain and his henchmen are too laughable to be believable – what kind of a name is Dhurke?! Defiant Dragons?! Preposterous! This show is naught more than a shameless rip-off of the far superior, pitifully imitated but never duplicated original, The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo! Why, I have half a mind to call up the copyright lawyers of Global Studios!

Leaning back on his swivel chair, he smiled smugly at his rant, pleased with how well he’d worded his vitriol without resorting to profanity – although he was mentally letting forth a daisy chain of curses in his mind! With a gratified smirk, the prosecutor posted his tirade, then leaned back and closed his fatigued eyes.

A moment later, he heard a chime, indicating he had a personal message.

Wicked awesome! I can’t believe there is another Steel Samurai fan out there! This country denies the existence of anything else, because these restricted boards are only accessible in this country, as is the show! I first fell in love with it back in Los Angeles! How about you?

Edgeworth jerked up in his seat, his heart pounding with anticipation. Another Steel Samurai fan! What were the odds? And they’d liked his post!

I guess this wasn’t such a waste of my time, after all, Franziska! Take that!

Eagerly, he typed out a hurried reply.

SteelSamurai4Life: I am delighted to see there is someone else out there who knows the truth – that this series is nothing more than a cheap attempted copy of the initial glory that was the Steel Samurai!

The moment he hit the post button, however, an angry message popped up in red block letters across the screen.


“Ngh-ooooooooooh! Surely thou jest!” Edgeworth shouted at the computer, paying no heed to Franziska’s previous whip warning if he disturbed her slumber again. “What kind of backward, fascist/ dictator/tyrannical society is this?! How dare they ban me just for bringing an inconvenient truth to light?! Well, I’ll show them! I’ll just make another account! But first, what was the screen handle of that fan who just messaged me again? I’d better write it down before I forget it while trying to set up a new user name…”

Grabbing a paper and pen from the desk drawer, the prosecutor hastily jotted down his new Steel Samurai ally’s pseudonym.

As the name was scribbled onto the page, the Ace Attorney froze, and his jaw dropped open.


Los Angeles?! That had been what the user had just indicated had been the place of origin from which their love for the show stemmed. That in itself was not astounding, as the state of California had close to 40 million residents, and the most fan conventions and otaku expos in all the United States. The odds were exceptionally high that one of them would travel to Asia and be on fan message boards.

A speculative smile crept over the normally stern prosecutor’s visage.

But how many of them would also happen to have the screen handle: BurgerMedium0001?




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