15 The Wright Kind of Wrong


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 Show ‘n Tail – September 6, 2024



There’s that moment between action and consequence, eternal and fleeting. It’s when whatever you did has occurred but the reaction is yet to come. The seed of embarrassment gets wedged inside you ready to blossom red upon your cheeks. For the rest of my life, for as long as I shall live, whenever I recall the topmost embarrassing moment of my entire existence, my personal hall of shame, that surprise package of Klavier Gavin will always be where the harrowing memory always starts!

These were the thoughts that were racing through Phoenix’s mind as he sprinted from the Gatewater Hotel, his earlier inebriated state having sharply faded after being traumatically gobsmacked into sobriety!

He needed to throw himself, headfirst into something blatantly and undisputedly feminine and female, right now, if he was ever going to recover from this incident, and he needed to do so ASAP, hopefully in a place that had copious amounts of alcohol! A place where he was guaranteed to be surrounded by women, all who would be incapable of hiding anything… What better place than a so-called gentlemen’s club?

Phoenix had never been one who was big on the peeler’s scene. After all, as far as he was concerned, he hardly fell into any of the categories of the three types of men who frequented such places

1.) Hard-up, desperate single men, usually scattered throughout the club, with the more adventurous ones in the front row. Shy ones towards the back.

2.) Creepy old men that wouldn’t even stand a chance with a corpse! Those men usually sat in the back with their eyes fixed on one dancer in a blank stare thinking they will “save” the stripper by the end of the night.

3.) Married men, the guys were unhappy with what they had at home and were looking for some excitement. You could find them scattered throughout the club as well, but unlike the single men, they usually came with plenty of singles looking for a cheap thrill before they had to return home to their less than sexy wives.

OK, I’ll admit it! For the first time in my life… I possibly fall into the first category! Hmm… This section has a whole bunch of nudie bars just doors down from one another! Leave it to Beavers, Looney Poons, Areola 51, and Show ‘n Tail…bingo! I’m going to go with the last one it just sounds less… obvious? What does it matter what it’s called! The point is everyone in there is a woman… With hard, naked evidence proving as much!

Phoenix walked into the nearly deserted bar, which wasn’t too surprising, seeing as how it was early afternoon on a weekday, and found a seat near the back entrance. It didn’t give a very good view of the current performers on the pole, but that was fine by him. He was there for the booze and just a glimpse of some female tail, with no need to overly immersing himself in pervert’s row at the front right by the stage!

“What can I do for you?” A sweet, slightly accented voice asked him.

Phoenix looked up to see a pretty, petite waitress with rosy cheeks and a soft smile. Her curly blonde hair brushed her shoulders and she wore stilettos, a cropped halter top, and a pair of tightfitting leggings, the kind that looked like a garbage bag with multiple slashed openings on the outer thighs (which, he quickly scrutinized, although made her fully covered compared to the nude dancers, were also so snug you could see that she wasn’t hiding any sort of Tootsie Roll between them!)

“I need a drink that has a metric shit ton of alcohol in it!” He declared, knowing how overpriced the drinks were at these places, so he figured he’d better choose wisely and make a very carefully selected one or two choices as that was all he could afford, which would hopefully void the horrific memories from the hotel as quickly as possible. In this case, a mere beer just would not do! “What can you recommend?”

“You’re in the right place then.” A slight smirk played on the blonde’s full, coral lips. “Our top sellers with mind erasing qualities are the Penile Colarous, Red Balls, and Between The Sheets.”

“You’ve got to be making these up!” Phoenix found a slight smile tugging at his lips at the unplaceable, melodious Eastern European accent, more than the names of the outrageous-sounding drinks. “I mean I wasn’t expecting Shirley Temples to be an option in a place like this but come on!”

“I kid you not! The only type of Shirley drink we have here is the Bend Over Shirley variety, sir.”  The waitress returned his teasing smile with one of her own and tilted her head to the side while fluttering long lashes over beautiful, wide-set, amber-brown eyes. “If you’re more in the mood for a shooter, might I suggest a Screaming Orgasm or Sex Machine?

“I don’t know if I could repeat any of those with a straight face!” Phoenix cracked up then and treated her to his most dazzling smile, the one he hardly used anymore. “How about you just surprise me?”

Nothing would give me greater pleasure, good-looking.” The waitress leaned over close so he caught a whiff of her hypnotic perfume, and gave him a lingering, meaningful gaze. “I’ve got more ways of doing that you than you can ever imagine…”

“I admire a woman with confidence,” Phoenix told her, his smile widening. “Plus, you’ve got to know that you’re pretty easy on the eyes, so I can’t believe that you’re not up there making bigger bucks on that stage!”

“It’s a bit of a bum racket being a dancer, to be honest with you.” A throaty laugh was her response to his comment. “Health insurance is rare in the exotic dancing industry. Most strippers have little or no coverage.”

He burst out laughing again and felt a slight stirring within him, which he was happy had not been completely squelched by the situation from earlier. Another hot European blonde, but this one didn’t appear to have a third leg or any guile whatsoever, which was just what he needed right now! Plus, she also had a sense of humor, which he’d always found attractive in women. Life was too short to take things too seriously.

I do think I like this one, Phoenix thought to himself as he bit back a smirk at the obvious double innuendo. All kinds of cute, with that great accent and a more preferred, softer, feminine look to her than some of the plastic, harsher-looking performers, plus her twin peaks look real! Another bonus, her man hand is free of any rings so I figure she’s single…

“How about you pull the rug out from under me with your choice of drink, for starters?” He suggested, affixing her with his best bedroom-eyed stare. “And perhaps when you’re done your shift, I can be privy to see what other types of surprises you have in store?”

“Sounds like an offer I can’t refuse.” She returned his sultry look with one of her own. “The name’s Olga, by the way. And I get off work in just a couple of hours…”

 Later that evening…

Wright Talent Agency – September 6, 2024


Several hours later, armed with a fresh box of wine bottles the server had thoughtfully purchased for consumption that night, and many Deep Throats, Dr. Peckers and Slippery Nipples later, the laughing and very drunk Phoenix teetered home with Olga, the tipsy two ravenously devouring one another with heated kisses the entire way.

“I want you so bad,” Olga panted into his mouth, grinding against him as he fumbled for the keys to the apartment. “I am unlike any woman you’ve ever been with before. Absolutely nothing is taboo!”

“I’ll do anything you want and more,” he promised, planting another searing kiss on her wanton lips.

She arched her back, driving her pelvis into his, to drive her point home, just as he got the door open and they all but fell into the bottom level office, barely getting a chance to shut and lock the door behind them. Her lips made a beeline for his throat, frantically sucking and licking at the tender skin there as he groaned, barely being able to set down the box of wine.

The caress of her mouth as she sucked on his neck felt connected to his cock, and inside his joggers, he felt himself getting a stiff as a wooden board. The scent of her arousal, sweet and musky, rose all around him, ramping up his desire, prompting him to just want to toss her onto the small downstairs couch right there in the agency and drive into her all night as they heated the Wright Talent Agency Office with the fire of their lust.

One hand still tangled in her silky hair, he dropped his other to her butt and hauled her more tightly against him. His erection met her core as he lifted her into his arms and somehow, lips still fused, he managed to stumble them towards the sofa, falling back on it with Olga on top of him, knowing his booze-fueled ardor was too incensed to even make it upstairs to the apartment. He wanted her to take as much as she could, as much as she needed, right then and right there.

She got off of him but pushed him back onto the cushions, silently signaling him to remain seated. Then, kneeling down, her fingers traced boldly down the front of his joggers, shamelessly squeezing him, all the while peering up into his face, waiting for him to refuse.

Yeah, like that was going to happen!

He flexed his hips instead and watched, rapt, as she slowly pulled his track pants and boxers down, his breath coming out in a series of pants now.

Gentle, cool hands pulled out his member, already hard and throbbing.

Very impressive. I guess I’m the one who’s pleasantly surprised thus far…”

“It’s yours all nightEvery inch of it.” He’d never spoken like that to a woman before. It made him harder. Long lashes fluttered as she closed her eyes and then angled him and the air shot out his mouth as her tongue circled the head, the tip digging into the sensitive spot just beneath.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him, her lips swollen and wet. “Tell me. What do you want, Phoenix?”

He panted as the words threatened to break free. He wanted to say them, but the darkness in them wasn’t something he was used to uttering all willy-nilly.

“Shall I go first? Should I tell you that when I’m done sucking you off and you’ve blown down my throat, I want to feel this iron-hard cock filling me to the hilt and fucking me six ways from Sunday? What do you say? Hmm? Is there a dirty talker in there waiting to break free? Trust me enough to tell me what you want, and I will give it to you.”

He swallowed hard. Olga Orly made him want things he’d been fine not wanting. On one hand, it felt marvelous; on the other, it scared the hell out of him. He let his tongue free because she’d demanded it of him with her uninhibited behavior. He was going to tell her the way he wanted it. Not gentle, not nice, but hard and dark.

“Suck my cock, Olga. Take me as far as you can into that sweet, hot throat.” As the words unfurled, the constricted knot in his chest eased for the first time in years. His spine relaxed even as his balls drew tight against his body. “I want to fuck your mouth and control you by your hair.”

“I love a man who knows how to speak his dirty mind,” she murmured, looking up at him with hungry eyes. “Tell me something, Phoenix, how many love gloves do you have?”

“Um… I think I have an unused box hidden in one of the desk drawers over there…” He was so aroused he could barely think straight.

“How many are in a box?”

“12… I think …” His breathing was raspy as she cupped him in her hand with expert fingers.

“How many boxes do you have, then?” Her smiling lips slowly descended on him. “Trust me, we’re going to be needing every single one of them… because you and I are going to put the Kuma Sutra to shame, experimenting and experiencing every single sexual position you can ever dream of, until my knees blow out and my pussy turns to rubber, you hear me?”

He couldn’t speak after that, because her mouth closed over him then, and all coherent thoughts were swept away in a haze of concupiscence.

Watching Olga down the line of his body, he caught her smile right before she bent over him and swallowed his cock just the way he told her he wanted. Her mouth kept even pressure, kept him nice and wet as he began to roll his hips, fucking into her while he grabbed a handful of her hair, tight, in his fist, holding her head just the way he wanted it as she brought him to sheer, unadulterated bliss.

Sometime the next morning …

Wright Talent Agency – September 7, 2024


It turned out the insatiable, and double-jointed, Cirque du Soleil worthy Olga Orly had made good in keeping her promise, surprising him in more ways than one, twisting and contorting his body into pretzel-like positions he hadn’t even known it was capable of! Mercifully, she had not only possessed toe-curling, unequivocal nimbleness, and dexterity, but also her own protective 12-pack, which was most fortunate, since, by the next morning, their marathon bonk-fest of hot monkey love had burned through her entire safety supply…as well as nearly all of his!

Note to self…Phoenix drowsily lifted his head off the agency couch where he and Olga had finally passed out on top of each other and carefully flexed the toes on one slightly tender, aching leg. I need to buy more rubbers. Also, a reminder to self, send an apology note and muffin basket to poor neighbors next door, as we may have kept them up all night, and no doubt, they were the ones who probably needed a cigarette after hearing our unbridled X-rated shenanigans all through the night!

True to her word, as Olga had promised, it had indeed been the most uninhibited, hedonistic, thrill-banging experience of his entire life! Sweet Jesus, it had been off the charts! Five-alarm, smoking hot! They had done things that he had never experienced before in his existence, and very likely never would again!

These European girls truly have no restraints! He noted, knowing he was grinning like a drunk pig. We did the kind of antics you boast about on the men’s room wall if I was so inclined to be such a perverted, shameless, kiss-and-tell braggart! Last night…was… mind-blowingly indescribable! I’m talking raw, steamy, sweat-dripping-down-your-back, neighbors-pounding-on-the-wall, ILLEGAL-IN-48-STATES-KIND-OF-SEX!

The sore all over, but blissfully satiated pianist had been in a drunken cloud of sexual euphoria from the adrenaline-fueled, stamina-founded, drunken sexathon the night before, so he had completely forgotten about Trucy’s note from the day before, indicating that she would be returning home that morning. He’d also completely forgotten that there was a reason why he normally didn’t do overnighter stays or bring his dates to his place!

Therefore, his semi-hung-over but still shockingly horny ass put up little resistance when Olga woke up shortly after he did and immediately climbed on top of him. Her brown eyes lit up with desire at the sight of his sleepy bedroom eyes and completely nude state in the morning light. He was all masculine hardness—nothing effeminate about Phoenix Wright. Tall, commanding, with a rock-hard body defined by years of dedicated jogging, bicycling, and pumping iron … Among other things! She roused him awake with playful nibbles at his throat, moving down and nipping at his bare shoulder to let him know that she was not only awake but roaring for action yet again.

Brushing her lips against Phoenix’s ear, she murmured, “I know I have to go soon, but I will not let you escape my clutches so easily. I know you want this. Need it. Need me.”

“Have mercy, woman! After a dozen trips to the stars and back, I’m not quite sure of all mechanical functions are still in operating order!” He half laughed; half groaned as he put up the world’s weakest struggle. “I think you very well may have worn me down to a nub!”

Olga ignored him and held his waist, pushing him back down with a determined hand as she then seized his mouth with her own in a scorching kiss.

“You are one incorrigible siren!” Phoenix moaned when their lips finally parted. “Also…you play dirty.”

“And you let me.” She lightly bit his lower lip. “I told you, there are no holds barred here! This is the unquenchable Ukrainian thirst you have unleashed within me! And when you go Ukraine, you feel the sex pain!”

“Damn you, temptress.” Phoenix grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her back, hard, and Olga inwardly smiled at how quickly she had been able to ignite his sham reticence into blazing passion once more. She knew that despite her impromptu sleepover, and the fact that she had to still go home and get ready for her lunch hour shift at the strip club, she was going to make sure this final romp left him with something to remember her byin more ways than one!

Better stretch those aching muscles and limber up, big boy! A lascivious smile curved upon her lips. I’m about to push that delectable body of yours to the very limits like it’s never seen before!

Wright Talent Agency – September 7, 2024


“Well, girls, it’s nine o’clock on a Saturday morning,” Trucy muttered darkly to her friends as the three teenagers walked down the hallway towards the Wright Talent Agency to drop off her overnight bag before heading for breakfast. “Gee, I wonder where my Daddy is? Or if he’s even going to be awake by now?” Or even sober? She added silently but wisely kept this part to herself.

“Come on, Truce. Don’t be too heard your father about the talent show,” Gouda coaxed. “Yes, he got a little spirited in the role of being your cheerleader and everything…” 

Spirited?! Trucy sullenly thought to herself. You don’t even know half of it, Missy!

“… But from what I heard, it does sort of sound like my father started it,” the redhead admitted ruefully. “And you know what Dad gets like when he starts bragging about me! So maybe try to give your Daddy a break on this one?”

“She’s right, Trucy,” Jinxie added. “I mean, under most circumstances, you always said that your Daddy is the greatest guy and he’s always done his best to be there for you. We all make mistakes, and I’m sure he feels terrible about this.”

“At least let him make it up to you,” Gouda urged gently.

“I guess you guys are right,” Trucy sighed as they neared the apartment door. “This little slip up notwithstanding, he really has been the world’s greatest Daddy! I could tell he felt really bad when I yelled at him the other night. I’m going to go right in there right now, whether he’s awake or not, and tell them how much I love him!”

“Thatta girl!” Jinxie smiled encouragingly, but her expression suddenly changed to one of alarm just as Trucy placed her key into the lock. “Wait! Did you guys hear that?!”

“Hear what?” Gouda asked nervously, with Trucy about to echo the same question, when suddenly she heard it as well – the unmistakable sound of her father’s unintelligible, loud, moaned cries from within the confines of the apartment, as though in agonizing pain!

“He sounds like somebody’s killing him!” Jinxie cried, already reaching for her cell phone to call 911, just in case.

Daddy!” Trucy gasped with dread, frantically jingling her keys in the lock. “Daddy, did you hurt yourself?! Are you all right?!” She flung open the front door with all her might, Gouda and Jinxie in tow, and stormed into the office, her huge blue eyes wide with panic. “Daddy….!”

In the next instant, the words died in her throat, and her round orbs remained the size of saucers, although the fretful anxiety had now abated,  replaced with absolute shock at the sight that greeted her, which was her father, Phoenix Wright… as she had never seen him before!

Oh my GodDaddy!” Trucy clapped a white-gloved hand to her mouth. “Why… are your legs in the air?!”

Jinxie and Gouda stared on in astonishment as well, unable to pick their jaws up off the floor at the sight of Trucy’s sweaty, totally bare-assed father, in some sort of bizarre, circus contortionist position, with an equally nude, strange blonde lady, who none of them had ever seen before!

Holy shit!” Olga cried, grabbing a nearby sofa cushion, and attempting to cover up her nudity, obviously not having expected an audience.

Trucy!” Phoenix gasped in horror, somehow untangling himself and bringing his legs back down to the ground with a heavy thud as he jumped up to his feet, seeming to forget about his completely naked as the day he was born state as he spun around to face her.

“Gah!” Reflexively, Trucy clapped a hand over her eyes and sharply turned her head away, before she was permanently scarred for life at the sight! “Daddy! Remember your shame!”

“Ain’t nothing to be ashamed of from what I can see here!” Jinxie blurted out before she could stop herself, then blushed deeply and clapped a hand over her mouth as Trucy turned to glare at her in disbelief. “Sorry, Truce! It’s just that… I just totally realized that what all the lady teachers and moms have been talking about! Your dad’s smoking hot!”

“It’s true!” Although her cheeks were red, Gouda couldn’t help but agree with the other girl and didn’t even try to mask her blatantly admiring expression. “Your dad is a total DILF, Truce!”

“Someone, please, just kill me now!” Phoenix groaned, bending over and desperately trying to find his pants, causing both Jinxie and Gouda to simultaneously crane their necks to catch a glimpse of his bare backside.

Stop checking out my Daddy!” Trucy screeched, looking like she was ready to punch the living daylights out of both of them! “You guys are such  freaks!”

“Trucy!” Jinxie wailed plaintively. “You can’t blame us for looking!  I mean, he’s not our dad!”

“I am so not hearing this!” Trucy clapped her hands over her ears, momentarily distracted by the eyeball rape she had been subjected to at the sight of her buck-naked father, and instead now focusing on what utter perverts she had for friends! “You two are sick!”

“Seriously, has Mr. Wright always been that buff n’stuff?” Gouda didn’t even seem to care that she was now openly drooling. “I mean Jinxie, he’s nearly as jacked up like your dad!”

“Are you freaking kidding me?!” It was Jinxie’s turn to shriek now as she glowered at the redhead. “Eweth! Gouda, you sicko! You’ve been eye-banging my Daddy too?”

“Sure, why not?” Gouda shrugged with deliberate nonchalance, uncaring that her next words were an ironic echo of her friend’s previous ones. “After all, he’s not my dad! Ugh! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my dad and all, but cut me some slack here! You know that I know that you know that I know that absolutely nobody ever wants to see Ham Berger get naked!”

“Stop saying naked!” Trucy shouted, blindly reaching for the door, and throwing it open. “I don’t want to hear another peep about any of our fathers, nuding up or otherwise, from either one of you pervs!” Without another look at her paralyzed with horror father, she stomped out the door, although neither Jinxie nor Gouda immediately followed. The magician whirled back around and her incensed eyes shot daggers at the two newest, (unofficial) fangirl members of the Phoenix Wright Fan Club! “Jesus Christ, will you two stop ogling my indecent exposed Daddy and get your gawking asses out of there, already?!”

“Speaking of asses…” Gouda couldn’t resist adding as she took one last, long, lingering eyeful before Jinxie forcibly shoved her right out of the apartment. “For the record Truce, you’re pretty lucky! Your Daddy has great buns! You could totally bounce a quarter off them sweet cheeks!

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up !” Trucy’s hysterical squawking was heard all the way down the hall in response. “There is no amount of therapy on earth that will ever get me past this!”

But for the grace of God, I wasn’t subjected to the Full Monty, thanks to the strategic placement of that floral vase on the coffee table, allowing me to remain partially unscathed from all this!  Ergo, I could possibly recover from this whole, traumatizing ordeal by the time I’m 30! … Maybe!

Zippers Bar – January 28, 2025


Phoenix mindlessly downed the shooter the pretty blonde bartender had given him, “on the house” but bizarrely named a Cock Sucking Cowboy, barely coherent of his surroundings as he mulled over how he had been forced to finally do yet another, much-needed turnabout in his life after that fateful day last September…

Wright Talent Agency – September 7, 2024


That had been when Phoenix Wright had realized his drinking had truly made him finally hit rock bottom, and thought he had lost the light of his life forever, first by humiliating her in front of her entire school, and by then distressingly embarrassing her even more, while concurrently and unwittingly giving her girlfriends a thrill – he wasn’t quite sure which was worse, but figured they were about equal levels on the shameful, self-loathing scale! For the rest of his days, he would never forget the look of horrified betrayal, disgust, and devastation in Trucy’s eyes before she had run out of their apartment.

I am a bad, bad parent, he had realized achingly, when he had finally been alone, replaying the disturbing, upsetting scenarios, over and over again in his mind, that had led up to this ground-breaking moment, the self-realization. I never meant to be. I wonder if it’s just what happens when you take a love that strong and mix it up with unexpected misfortune, self-pitying, uncertainty, and fear. Like every decision ever made, they are based on a combination of the facts at hand and the underlying facts involved – core motivation, I guess. There was still the fundamental hope of things getting better someday, coupled with a love for my daughter, that came together and was all that kept me going since my world collapsed around me.

He stared forlornly at the portrait of his beautiful daughter on his nightstand, which was blurry due to the stinging tears in his eyes.

It was her, and her alone that gave me the strength to keep trying to move forward, while at the same time, addressing the underlying anxiety, reassuring me that despite not having much to give her, somehow she could still be happy in a world when I could no longer walk a pace behind her, ready to catch her if she fell. My love was never conditional or time-limited, it had no expiry date, but in my failure to adequately transmit that, I failed her in the worst possible way. All my baby girl ever needed was to know that I’d love her no matter what, stop letting her down, and keep my promises to her. Because otherwise, I’m no better than the selfish son of a bitch that abandoned her in the first place!

That night when Trucy had come home, things had come to a head. There had been words spoken, and tears shed on both ends. Then she had stood by and watched him pour every single bottle of wine in the house down the drain, right in front of her. And he had sworn to himself from that day forward to forgo the mating game for the dating game and finally try to find his precious angel the long sought-for Mommy that she deserved. He would find them the future Mrs. Wright. And he would do it sober.

When they had finally made peace with one another, he had sat back on the couch, with Trucy’s satiny head resting against his shoulder.

“I don’t judge you for trying to seek comfort in wine or even turning into a wino, Daddy,” she assured him. “And I do forgive you. What I don’t understand was how I got mad at you for being a complete jerk because you’d been drinking… yet you still went out and drank more and hence, ended up bringing that hoochie mama home?!”

Phoenix felt a lump forming in his throat, as he tried to find the words that could possibly explain what had driven him to that sports bar, and thus set off the series of unfortunate events which had led to him getting, literally, caught with his pants down!

“I –I was trying to obliterate an even worse pain than the one I felt when I lost my badge. I thought the day had come that I’d lost you for good, Truce,” he choked. “When I read that note of yours that morning, and it just was signed “Trucy” instead of “Love, Trucy”…. I – I thought you didn’t love me anymore.”

“Of course I still loved you!” The magician lifted her head off him then and stared him right in the eye with heartfelt, compassionate blue orbs that were swimming with tears. “I was just mad at you, that’s all!”

“I know I’m the grown-up one who is supposed to be offering you shelter and comfort and support, Trucy. But somehow, I just keep messing up, even though I never mean to.” Phoenix shook his head and realized his own eyes were wet as well. “I’m not sure I deserve your love, and I also understand if you won’t be able to forgive me.”

Trucy reached over then and placed her tiny hands over his, her expression earnest.

“Daddy, my biological father left me behind like an orphaned puppy on your doorstep, right after he had caused you to lose everything. And yet you still found it in your big, beautiful heart to take me in, giving me the protection of your name, and raising me as your own, never once ever making me feel unwelcome or unloved,” she whispered brokenly“Even though we didn’t have much money, you turned your house into a home for me. It was a safe haven from the destructive storm that had invaded my life when my father left me, which surely would’ve been an unspeakable hell if it weren’t for you.”

A stifled cry was heard then, but Phoenix wasn’t sure which one of them emitted the sound.

“Without you, Daddy…” Trucy continued, pausing only long enough to wipe her damp eyes with her magician cape. “Without the love you gave me, without the gentleness of your personality, I don’t know what would have happened to me. Growing up with my birth father, life was never stable, not really. As magicians we lived the lives of drifters, always shifting from one place to another during my early childhood years. All of that changed, because your life did the ultimate turnabout when you lost your badge and unexpectedly gained a daughter. Even throughout the mistakes you’ve made, still, in the end, there was always you. You were always easy with your honest advice, and guidance, and support. On top of being my father, you have also been my friend, as well as the sole rock in my life – an anchor point – to always keep me grounded, safe, and where I belong.”

This time Phoenix wasn’t able to hold back the muffled sob that had erupted from his throat. Couldn’t have even if his life had depended on it.

“You’ve sacrificed so much because of me, including not even finding a wife to have your own children with. When I put all of that together, compared to these alleged unforgivable sins you feel you’ve committed against me, what kind of child would I be not to forgive you? If anything, I don’t think I say this often enough…”

Unable to hold back her tears now, Trucy lurched herself into Phoenix’s arms, the tears falling out of her eyes as quickly as the words tumbled out of her mouth.

Thank you, Daddy. Thank you for loving me more than my own birth father could have ever dreamed of loving me. And, Daddy, it is now my turn to ask for your forgiveness.”

What?” He gaped at her in surprise, not even trying to mask the teardrops that had fallen from his own eyes. “Trucy that’s preposterous! You don’t need to apologize for anything! What have you ever done that you think I need to forgive?”

“You’re wrong.” She sniffled and peered into his face with watery, repentant eyes. “I am so, so sorry, Daddy, to ever dare say that I was embarrassed to be your daughter. Because absolutely nothing gives me more pride than being able to tell the world that I am Trucy Hecate Wright.”

Phoenix had never known what selfless, parental love was until that fateful day in May, when he had called her into his office, five years previously. He had known kindness, but the negative influences in his life had outweighed the good until then. That happiest day of his life was when the adoption papers had been finalized and legally declared him her father, making it official that Trucy was his. That feeling returned to him, full force, as he wrapped her in his protective embrace as though he’d never let her go.

At that moment, as he held his emotional teenage daughter in his arms and silently let his own tears fall into her soft hair, the most perfect feeling he had ever known had swept through him. He was rocked to his core. He once again renewed his initial vow that he would do anything in the world for her. He would be her hero, her keeper, the one who gave her hugs and kept her safe. Trucy Wright was forever his light. And Phoenix Wright would always be her Daddy.

Zippers Bar – January 28, 2025 

“Blue Balls, gorgeous?”

“Say what?” Phoenix looked up with a start, having been so lost in his memories that he hadn’t even noticed how closely the blonde was now standing to him as she leaned down so that they were nearly at a face-to-face level and he could feel her warm, minty breath. He didn’t consciously notice how the surrounding area seemed to have grown a little quieter, although he did feel the hair on the back of his head begin to stand on end, giving him an inexplicably cold, sinking sensation in the pit of his stomach.

“For your next shooter, silly boy.” A rich throaty chuckle. Phoenix was suddenly reminded of the fact that it had been that very laugh that had triggered his recollections of his nearly carnal encounter with the man-pretty, dude looks like a lady Klavier Gavin, in the first place!

“Er, no thanks.” He refused to repeat the name of the last X-rated shooter he had been given. “I’m, ah, nicely tided over with my last shot that you gave me, thanks.”

The bartender leaned forward even more so that Phoenix caught a nostril full of her overpowering perfume. “Well, well, well, Sugar Tush…”

He recoiled at the nickname, partially due to the inappropriateness of it, but mostly because it’d triggered yet another memory he would’ve preferred to have squashed.

Sugar TushHe squeezed his eyes shut and dipped his head down as he racked his brain for why those two words had triggered such a reaction from him. Ugh, isn’t that what Larry calls his boyfriend, among his list of nauseating nicknames?

“If all you wanted was something stiff, then I can most certainly provide you with it,” the blonde cooed.

OK…what the hell does that mean?!

Looking up, Phoenix found the barmaid’s face level with his, a coy smile curling the corners of her mouth as she rested her chin atop her threaded hands. She batted her curled eyelashes at him. Normally he’d find this very attractive, but he guessed that the terrible situation with Lana had dulled him to such things for the evening.

Not wanting to upset the smitten kitten by saying that he wasn’t interested in the slightest, he tried to fake a smile, even though it came out as more of a grimace.

“T-Thanks, but… I had a bit of a falling out with my girlfriend and… well… I guess I’m just not feeling up to much… Sorry.”

“Oh? Is girl trouble getting you down? No wonder you’re here! Was she the straw that broke the camel’s back and you decided to try something… new?” The way she was now winking at him was now literally getting his stomach churning!

Phoenix could hear alarms going off inside his head, but he couldn’t figure out what they meant because of his frazzled state. Various bits and pieces of information seemed to want to connect in his mind, except they couldn’t. Something was rotten in the state of Denmark! He only had faded inklings that his booze-soaked mind couldn’t quite grasp, but his instincts were screaming that something was most definitely amiss here!

It was those very instincts that were now triggering that formerly tiny voice in his head, which was now screaming and telling him to get the FUCK outta there!

There’s something not right here, but what is it? What am I missing? Think, brain! THINK! What’s odd? What’s out of place? Fighting through the alcohol in his system, he dragged out a few of the fuzzy details that bugged him.

Weird thing 1: Bar is called Zippers. Nothing yet, but it still bugs me. Moving on…

Weird thing 2: the customers. Something’s strange about them. At least, from my point of view, there is. Needs further thought to be given to that later. Next!  

Weird thing 3: the barmaid and her odd choices of emphasis. She became interested when I said the words ‘stiff one.’ I meant the drink, she didn’t take it that way! Then she mentioned how she could provide me with that, and something was way weird about the way she worded that! Next, I said that I broke up with my girlfriend and she responded with something about seeing why I came here. Also, breaking the camel’s backNew? WTF was she talking about and why here, specifically?

Phoenix paused his rambling train of thoughts and finally took a good look around him.

The patrons are seriously freaking me out! I didn’t notice before, but there are A LOT more men than women… If you can even call those women. Several just look like men in drag – that one in the corner has visible stubble! Er… I… I think I’m getting closer to the answer…

However, before he could figure it out himself, the barmaid decided now to introduce herself… In the scariest way… EVER!

Without warning, she hopped up onto the back bar, her legs crossed at the knee in an attempt to be enticing, but it was all for naught, because of what Phoenix saw next. Everything in his brain shut down in that next, horrific instant!

When the bartender unfolded his thighs and flipped up his skirt, once again, the cruelty that was history decided to repeat itself once again, and in place of where Phoenix had expected to see feminine paradise, instead, his scandalized eyes were subjected to seeing a full forest of a dark bush,  along with very male accompanying… twig and berries protruding from behind a black women’s G-string!

For reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with the copious amount of alcohol, he had just consumed, the sight of that penis made the pianist feel as though he were going to throw up in his own mouth! At the same time, he could distinctly hear something, like air being put into a tire, then being sealed tightly closed

It didn’t take Phoenix for long to realize that said noise had been the sound of his sphincter vacuum sealing itself shut! Positively nothing was getting neither in nor out until he felt safe again!

“Charmed to meet ya, sexy!” The bartender purred, flipping her long hair over her shoulder. “The name’s Jacob, but I prefer to be called Jackie if you don’t mind.  I have a very open relationship with my beau, whom I’ve heard a lot about you from, and I’m positive that my Lare-Bear would just love to have you join us!”

Join them?! Phoenix felt his eyes widening with panic. As in, a three-way?! Christ on a Harley, I have enough trouble focusing where to place my attention on one person’s body! Also, Larry Butz, you fetid testicle wrestler! You knew very well what I would be encountering by luring me to this place and I swear to God I will get you for this!

Jackie leaned in to whisper in his ear, even though Phoenix’s eye had already started to twitch.

“If you’re still hung up on this girl, I’m very open to the idea of natural feminine paradise too, so I don’t mind if you want to bring along a fourth friend to play with. I quite enjoy sinking into the sweet heat of a  woman once in a while! How does that sound?”

A million rejections raced through the ex-attorney’s frantic mind, each more caustically wince-worthy than the next.

I’d rather stick a needle in my eye, OR yours… or… To do so would cause the slow death of my soul… or…Tonight’s out. How about never? Is never good for you?!

“Oh HELL to the NO!” Phoenix finally found his voice, and the protest erupted from his throat at full courtroom decibel. “I no longer do things that make me want to vomit!”

“No need to be so meanly ostentatious with your rejection!” Jackie frowned at him and clucked her tongue. “Yeesh, if you’re not interested, you’re not interested! I’m a tranny in transition right now, and am just awaiting the final touches of surgery! I cannot be surrounded by your negativity while I’m trying to grow into a fully formed woman!”

She flashed one last sultry smile and ran her long, crimson talon over Phoenix’s cheek.

“My Lare-Bear is going to be so disappointed though! I know he’s wanted to take a crack at yourcrack for some time now! Are you sure there’s nothing I could entice you with to make you change your mind? You know, spit-roasting isn’t just limited to something they do with meat on an outdoor flame…


Phoenix was not proud of his following reaction, but it was what his immediate reflexes commanded him to do at that particular moment! He screamed bloody murder, jettisoning his body off that stool, and away from the bar faster than the speed of light!

His back hit the floor with a heavy thump, but he truly didn’t give a damn! Ignoring the pain, he just drunkenly began scrambling away, via a rather impressively swift crab walk! 

Just then, out of the blue, he heard a loud, accented voice boom over the din of the bar, coming from right above his head! 

“Cease zis shameless philandering at once! Eez it not glaringly obvious zat délicieux Monsieur Wright eez uninterested in your advances, Jackie, you deviant putain?”

A quick glance upward at his “savior” confirmed his worst suspicions, and Phoenix felt his heart leap into his throat. Heaven help him, he knew that voice! You could not meet a person like that and hear that horrible, ear-grating, screech without it forever being branded into the unflappable recesses of your memory for life!

Oh dear God, please, no! Why?! What have ever I done… to deserve this?!



Filling The Void Copyright © by JordanPhoenix. All Rights Reserved.

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