12 Wright Fangirls (Can’t Be Wrong)


Blindknyttstories: Firstly, I want to apologize for the delay, with the holidays and the New Year I didn’t have any time to write, and when I was finally able to write again I suffered a hand injury, so apologies for the delay. I decided to try something new for this chapter and I hope you all like it otherwise JP might send the search dogs after me.

JordanPhoenix: He’s not kidding! If this isn’t found to be worth the wait, I shall…*puts on best Montgomery Burns voice* RELEASE THE HOUNDS…

 Eight years ago…
District Court – February 25, 2017


“This court has come to a decision! In the wake of this new evidence and the confession of Police Chief Damon Gant, this court finds the defendant Lana Skye…”

Not Guilty! 


The courtroom cheered on as confetti rained down from somewhere up above.

Phoenix Wright, along with his new (one-time) assistant, Ema Skye, had found Chief Prosecutor Lana Skye to be innocent of Bruce Goodman’s murder and proved Damon Gant to be the culprit behind all the crimes.

As the court shuffled out, with the defense attorney and Ema heading to the defendant’s lobby, the science-enthusiast looked at Phoenix and gave him a huge smile.

“Thanks again, Mr. Wright! If it wasn’t for you, Lana would have never gotten the justice she deserved!”

Phoenix gave a small chuckle as he smiled back. “Of course Ema, I’m glad I was able to help.”

“I’m glad, too! Hey Mr. Wright, before you even agreed to this case, how did you know Lana was innocent?”

“Well, despite her cold hard look, I could tell she was trying to push back feelings of worry and fear, so I could tell she wasn’t guilty, and I could tell that there was a reason for her not wanting to admit it.”

“Wow! No wonder you’re the only lawyer to have ever defeated Manfred von Karma! You can look past people’s true feelings! Because of that, I guess you know why my sister agreed to let you defend her!”

Phoenix gave a curious look but kept his smile. “Hmm…? Why did she let me defend her?”

“Yeah! She saw your trial against Manfred and she fell –”

Before Ema could finish her sentence, the doors opened with the guards leading Lana out of the courtroom.

“Sis!” Ema ran up to Lana and enveloped her in a hug so tight, poor Lana struggled for air.

As Lana patted Ema on the back, she looked up at Phoenix, and for the first time in forever, she smiled.

“Mr. Wright…I don’t know what to say…But…Thank you.”

Phoenix could see faint tears in Lana’s eyes as she fully embraced her sister and he smiled to himself at the scene. He turned to leave so the sisters could be alone, but was interrupted by Ema.

“Mr. Wright! Where are you going?”

Phoenix turned and smiled. “Well…Now that the truth has come out, I figured I’d give you and Lana some alone time since she still has to be under custody for her case against concealing evidence.”

Ema gave a downcast glance at the words but knew what Phoenix said was true. Lana would still be tried for concealing evidence, which, although thankfully wasn’t as serious as murder, was still a crime nonetheless.

The elder Skye sister looked the teen in the eye and gave her a loving smile before enveloping her in another hug. Phoenix turned to leave again when he was stopped by Lana.

“Thank you, Mr. Wright…For everything. I hope after I serve my sentence, you and I can maybe sit down for coffee.”

Phoenix turned his head and smiled before replying.

“Of course.  I’ll be waiting.”

Present Day…

January 7, 2025


“Daddy! Come on! Before they get sold out!” Trucy ran up the isles of the supermarket with Phoenix close behind. They had recently run out of Trucy’s cereal, Marshmallow Magic (the cheaper, store brand version of Lucky Charms because that cost extra), and the magician was intent on getting some more before someone else took it all.

The DILF just chuckled as he walked along. It had been about a week since the start of the new year, and while Trucy wasn’t exactly happy about how the year ended for her father, she got over it rather quickly when Phoenix bought her a new magic trick. (He’d thankfully found enough money buried in the couch to do so.)

They eventually reached the isle with Trucy’s cereal and she squealed when she saw they weren’t completely sold out.

“Daddy! They have it! They have it!”

He just nodded and smiled at his daughter.

“They sure do, Dear. Ready to go to the checkout?”

Trucy shook her head and ran towards the checkout counter as Phoenix followed closely behind, admiring how animated his daughter was.  Eventually, he caught up with the magician, who had struck up a conversation with the cashier.  However, as he finally got a good look at the clerk, he was horrified to see it was the recently outed  Larry Butz!

Larry, who had been happily chatting with Trucy, turned to Phoenix and gave a wide grin.

“Oh! Hey, Nicky! How are you?”

Phoenix felt knots turn in his stomach. Out of all the people in all the grocery stores on all the planet, why the hell did Larry Butz have to be the store clerk there? To make matters worse, Trucy had been talking with the devil!

 I can only pray that Larry hasn’t said anything to corrupt the child’s young mind! 

“Uh…Hey Larry…What are you doing here?”

“Well you see Nicky~ Jacob recently got sick and couldn’t come to work, but they still needed someone to fill in for him, so I stepped in and offered!”

Of course, you did…  

Phoenix just pondered the odds of this happening, and all times when he had gone to the supermarket! He knew he had to get out of there fast, so he opted to not even try to have any idle chit-chat.

“Um yes, well…How much is this cereal?”

Larry took the box and scanned it, keeping his big goofy grin on the entire time.

“Alright Nicky, that will be three dollars!”

He groaned silently as more scarce dollars fluttered away from him, but he handed Larry the money and quickly grabbed the cereal before looking pointedly at Trucy.

“Alright honey, let’s go!”

Phoenix didn’t even wait for a response before just grabbing the petite teen around her middle, lifting her right off her feet, and straight-up running out of there! Larry didn’t seem to mind in the least, cheerfully waving and telling them goodbye.

Once the duo was out of the supermarket, Trucy looked at Phoenix with a knowing grin.

“Hey Daddy, was that your GBF?”

He gave a questioning look. “My…What?”

“You know, your GBF! Or rather, Gay Best Friend! My Spanish teacher, Señora Ano, talks about her GBF all the time!”

Phoenix couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  

What kind of teachers are they hiring at that school!?

“Um…Well, sweetie, we aren’t exactly friendsper se… Um…Let’s just drop this.”

“Huh? Well OK. One more thing, Daddy?”

“Yes, honey?”

Trucy giggled before speaking. “You can put me down now!”

Phoenix realized he was still holding Trucy and laughingly set her down. The duo decided to take a walk through the park before heading home since it was such a nice day.

People Park –  January 7, 2025


The sun was still high in the sky when father and daughter arrived at the park, and quite a few people were bustling around who seemed to be enjoying themselves. As he walked along, Phoenix looked up and saw an eagle in its nest… made out of his old sweatshirt.

He grimaced as the memory of perfect Karma came flooding back to him.

As they continued their stroll through the park, he noticed that everyone was surrounding something posted on the nearby pole. The ex-lawyer walked over to see what it was and read the print.

Come join the Phoenix Wright Fan Club!

We welcome all members of any age, above eighteen!

Join us in our protest to get his badge back!

Watch slideshows of pictures we have of him from the past and present!

New members get a free T-Shirt!

Phoenix just stood there dumbfounded at what he saw.

What in the blueberry muffin fuck is this shit??!!!

Who would go and make a fan club about him!? Better yet, why were so many people crowding around this insane poster?

“Just who the hell would join a fan club about me?”

As soon as those words left the gobsmacked ex-attorney’s mouth, the people around him began talking.

“Wait … Does this mean THE Phoenix Wright?”

“You mean the lawyer who was found guilty of forging evidence?”

“That’s what everybody says but if you ask me he’s innocent! No way would a man that handsome commit something so low!”

“Oh, I completely agree! I mean he is just an angel sent to us! I think… how can any man look that amazing and be that smart?”

“I don’t know about you, but I am totally going to sign up for this!”

Everybody began writing down the meeting point, with the hobo just standing there, utterly dumbfounded. Amazing looking? Smart? Surely, these people were mistaking him for Edgeworth

While Phoenix tried to assess what he just saw, Trucy came over and started yanking on his coat.

“Hey, Daddy, we better hurry! It looks like it might rain!”

He snapped out of his befuddled state and quickly flashed the girl a smile before agreeing, but before they left, he went ahead and jotted down the location of this fan club.

He too was most interested in what this was really all about!

That Night…

Phoenix Wright Fan Club HQ –  January 7, 2025


Phoenix sighed as he flipped through the channels of the TV that evening. There was nothing good to watch whatsoever, and Trucy had departed to spend the night with her friend Robin. Although Phoenix wasn’t particularly happy about his 14-year-old daughter spending the night at a boy’s house, he’d only allowed it because her other friend Jinxie would also be there.

A long, boring, and lonely evening loomed ahead of him.

He sighed, and as he got up to get more coffee, a piece of paper fell out of his pocket. Looking down, he realized that it was the address of his ‘fan club.’ Phoenix picked it up and just chuckled at the thought.

How in the name of Poseidon’s Watery Balls did he have a fan club?

He had to admit that the thought was entertaining. Also, he was a bit curious.  But who on earth would show up? Iris hated him, Franziska said he was her worst enemy, and Gumshoe was busy being a father.

Realizing that he truly had nothing better to do, so he might as well see how this entire thing would play out, Phoenix made his way upstairs and into his room.  He opened up his closet and looked around. He didn’t really have anything to wear; he didn’t want to wear his famous blue suit, because if this fan club thing was legit, he didn’t want to be mauled, as he’d be instantly recognizable in his trademark attire.

He finally took out a Steel Samurai shirt, black dress pants, his old lawyer shoes, and a black jacket in case it was cold. Once he slipped on his clothes, he grabbed his beanie and put it on as well –  nobody had seemed to know who he was earlier while he’d been wearing it, so maybe the intended effect would happen again.

Once Phoenix was all ready to go, he grabbed some more change that was hidden in the couch and made his way outside. The wind was picking up so he threw on his jacket and made his way to the intended destination.

Phoenix Wright Fan Club HQ –  January 7, 2025


He arrived at the location that had been written on the paper. It was an old, run-down building on the outskirts of town. To his surprise, the place was packed – although most of the attendants seemed to be female.

Phoenix made his way up to the door and was both surprised and horrified, to see Franziska taking the names of everyone entering.

Why the hell was it her of all people?

Phoenix gulped as he slowly made his way up to the entrance.  Maybe he’d be lucky and she wouldn’t recognize him. Once he made his up to the door, Franziska glared at him.


Holy shit it worked!  

“Uh…Think Phoenix think!… My name is Perry Grossberg…”

Franziska just bobbed her head up and down while she wrote something down on the clipboard she had, then finally handed Phoenix a button that said I Love Phoenix Wright and told him to move on.

He couldn’t believe he had somehow gotten past the astute Franziska von Karma! He pinned the stupid button onto his shirt and walked into the lounge. Looking around, he and saw the place was packed with ladies everywhere. The walls had posters of him from his lawyer days, and a video was currently playing showing his victory over Manfred.

Phoenix slowly walked around the area and was relieved to see no one seemed to know who he was. He still couldn’t believe that an actual fan club of him existed! Not only that, but it seemed to have a pretty big following!

The former defense attorney made his way over to the bar that was on the side and ordered some coffee, then sat down and just looked at everyone there. He noticed a few people he knew; there was Adrian and her plastic body, Rhoda Teneiro who was taking a break from the friendly skies, Franziska was handling the entrance. Wait – was that  Iris?! Didn’t she hate him?!  He at last set eyes on the one lone fox in the henhouse….Larry. He moaned inwardly and slumped lower in his seat.

Of course…

The pianist sighed as he picked up his coffee and took a sip, and continued scanning the room. He then noticed that his co-worker Tiffany, was also there, handling a booth titled ‘Phoenix Wright Shirtless Pics.” 

Note to self – do not, under any circumstances, venture in that direction of the room! Also –  do not have any more shirtless pics taken!

While the card shark was noting and admiring everyone who was there, he didn’t notice a figure come up beside him.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

Phoenix didn’t even look at the person beside him before signaling for them to take the seat; they thanked him and did so. He continued to look around and spoke up to the person beside him.

“So…Having a nice night so far?”  He asked absently.

The person smirked before answering.

“Yes…How about you?”

“Yeah, you could say that, I was very intrigued about this whole thing.”

“That’s a little surprising, considering the only other male is that Larry guy, although I think he might have a slight crush on Phoenix Wright, much like the rest of us.”

He smirked slightly at that before replying.

“Yes well…It’s a bit surprising to see this many people here. I didn’t think this Phoenix Wright character was this popular.”

“Surely you jest? He’s the talk of every woman’s beauty shop; all the single moms constantly talk about him.”

“Um…Wow. That is most surprising.”

“I don’t know how that’s surprising; I mean surely you should notice all the attention you get…Mr. Wright?”

Phoenix almost choked on his coffee. Wide-eyed, he looked over to see who his seatmate was, and was flabbergasted to see an old client.

Lana Skye.

Lana, is that you?” She hadn’t aged at all since he’d last seen her, nearly a decade ago! “You…haven’t changed a bit!”

“In the flesh!” She grinned cheekily. “Although, I see your cluelessness hasn’t changed at all, Mr. Wright. However, I’m glad though, because I always liked that about you.”

Phoenix chuckled shyly before looking down at his coffee.

“Yes well…Some things never change, I suppose. You still seem to be the same.”

Lana let out a throaty chuckle as well.

“Indeed…That is true. Mr. Wright, when I got out of prison, I wanted to sit down and have a cup of coffee with you. Would you like to go out and get some?”

“Hmm…? Do you not want to stay here?”

“Oh, I don’t mind in the least. It’s just that more and more of the gals here seem to be figuring out who you are.”

Phoenix took a quick glance behind him and noticed that many of the females were looking at him now, some were blushing and fidgeting while talking to the others, as though trying to come up with something to say.

He turned back around and blushed.

“Perhaps you have a point. Do you want to come over to my place? I have some coffee there and it would give us a private place to talk.”

Lana smiled softly. “Of course, that sounds lovely.”

The two got up from their seats and quickly made their way out, with Phoenix somehow managing to avoid some of the fangirls who were trying to get his attention. He’d luckily managed to escape unscathed after all.

It was about time he caught a break!

Wright Talent Agency – January 7, 2025


Phoenix and Lana sat on the couch together and drank; the two had been talking for about two hours. Their conversations were about a number of things, ranging from Lana’s time in prison to how irreconcilable differences had dissolved her newly rekindled romance with Jake shortly after he’d been sprung from prison to the former blue attorney’s life after disbarment.

Finally, once the pair had just finished talking about Lana’s murder trial, she decided to ask him a question.

“Phoenix, I overheard you and Ema’s conversation from all those years ago. She almost told you why I didn’t reject you being my lawyer.”

“Hmm…? Oh yeah, I guess she never did tell me why…Oh well, I suppose you just wanted someone you could trust, right?”

“Well…yes, that was part of the reason…But it’s not the main reason…”

“Then…” He cast a bewildered look at her. “What’s the main reason you picked me?”

Lana’s pretty face grew a tint of pink as she sat her glass down and scooted closer to Phoenix, looking deeply into his eyes.

“It’s because…” The ex-Chief Prosecutor started leaning in on Phoenix, who reddened a bit himself.  “I saw you on TV…And saw you defeat Manfred.”

“You…did?” His mouth went dry at the intensity in those spellbinding teal eyes.

She nodded, placing her hand on Phoenix’s chest, and moved her face closer, blushing gorgeously in the process.

“And when I saw you do that…” Lana got just inches away from his face. “I fell in love with you.” She finally closed the gap between them and gently pressed her soft mouth onto his.

Phoenix’s cheeks flamed, but eventually, he melted against her sweet lips and wrapped his arms around Lana as their kiss deepened.

Who’d have thought that a day that started with him shopping for cereal would have ended with a hot make-out session with an even hotter client from years ago?

This New Year isn’t starting off too badly at all…




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