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Blindknyttstories- So JordanPhoenix threatened- I mean asked me to make this as funny as I can, so I’m going to have fun with this…Meaning don’t expect the expected, I plan on making Phoenix suffer…:) Anyway I hope you enjoy (Still being held hostage and being forced to write, requesting water.)

JP- Well I’ve gotta crack my whip to keep him in line! (Oops, wrong chapter!)My co-pilot is now aptly hydrated and we’re both already planning the next Phoenix torture…btw, speaking of aquatic stuff… all I can think of is personal floatation devices…we really hope you guys have as much fun with this silliness as much as we did! :p

 Gatewater Hotel – June 28, 2023

Phoenix groggily stumbled down the stairs of the hotel. After spending the night there and ‘taking flight’ per se, he was eager to get home and sleep in the comfort of his own bed. He could feel the makings of a hangover already forming from him and Rhoda’s copious wine consumption earlier. Hell, just because he got to drink for free at The Borscht Bowl (which was great when you were a struggling single father with a recently developed penchant for something stiffer than grape juice!) it didn’t mean the stuff reserved for the lowly employees still wasn’t the cheapest crap on earth!

As he quickly pushed through the crowds – how was it still so rammed at 4:00 in the morning?! – Something still caught his (disbelieving, bleary) eye.

In the main lobby, running the refreshment stand, was none other than Lordly Tailor manager, Adrian Andrews.

Phoenix stopped in place as he looked at her. She’d changed since he’d last seen her; she had grown slimmer around the waist, she no longer wore glasses, and he could have sworn her chest was now a lot bigger!

He mentally cursed as he made his way over; he desperately needed something non-alcoholic to hydrate himself and hopefully alleviate his cloudy, buzzing head, and as he approached the stand, he noticed there was a mile-long lineup. The line consisted of mostly men, something that didn’t surprise Phoenix.

As he stood there in line, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see who it was – and instantly regretted it.

“Hiya, Nick!” Standing right behind him was none other than Larry Butz, with his stupid smile and regular street clothes.

“Oh…Hey, Larry…”

“Like it’s so awesome to see you here Nick! You’re exactly the guy I need to talk to!”

“You…don’t say…”

“Yep, and the reason is because of Mindy! She dumped me, Nick! After she did, I thought my life was over man!”


Same old Larry, unfortunately.

“But then I had a realization! I have decided to completely ditch women! They were getting me nowhere! Because of that, I am now going to go strictly after guys!”

“That’s nice…Wait…What!?”

How does someone just randomly decide something like this?!

“Yep! Nick, I have decided to date guys now! At least then I have less of a chance of having my heart broken!”


OK…Uncomfortable levels rising…

“And the reason you’re the perfect guy to talk to is that I noticed other than Maya, I’ve never seen you with any other woman, and you have never been with a woman!”

Er, Maya and I never dated…and also, he seems to have conveniently forgotten about Iris Although I suppose exes who are now nuns don’t count in Buttzville…

Oblivious to his friend’s discomfited silence, Larry merrily prattled on.

Sooo…seeing as you’re not with any girls right now… How about you give me a chance, dude?”

Phoenix just stared at Larry with wide eyes and a horrified expression on his face.

Ok, uncomfortable levels rising even more!

“Well…The problem Larry is… um…I’m not gay!”

“Oh don’t worry, dude, you don’t have to hide it! The faster you admit it, the faster me and you can cuddle next to the fire at night, and watch every episode of the Steel Samurai together while I stoke your spiky head!” Larry tried (and failed) to make his voice sound seductive as he inched closer to the mortified former defense attorney, running his hand across Phoenix’s shoulder.

OK, the uncomfortable meter has officially broken!

“Uh….Larry um…”

Shhh….” Larry placed his finger over Phoenix’s lips as he closed his eyes, puckered his lips, moved in for the kill.

Phoenix thought the world was ending at this point as he saw a few people were staring at them now. Panicked, he quickly turned and ran around the line of people at the refreshment station and into the restroom.

The pianist swiftly ran into a stall, jumped up on the toilet, and locked the door. He sat there in anxious silence and pleaded with whatever God was listening that Larry would not walk in and wondered when it would be safe to come out.

Just then, he heard the door open, and his pulse sped up.

He peeked through the crack in the stall and was extremely startled to see a woman walk in. He assumed she had just walked into the wrong bathroom, but then another woman walked in…and then another…and then another…

It was at this point that the ex-defense attorney realized the grim truth; in his horrified, flustered attempts to flee from the Butz’s advances, he had somehow managed to run into the women’s restroom!

Phoenix prayed the women would quickly leave, but to his dismay, they all stayed and started talking to each other. He could feel the sweat on his forehead as he stayed in the stall. Another woman walked in and to his dismay, she attempted to open the stall he was in.

“Huh..? Why is this stall locked?”

“What do you mean, it’s locked?”

“Like, oh my gosh, it’s locked and there is no one even in there!”

“Like, really? Who would be so immature to lock the stall and then leave it?”

Phoenix kept praying that none of the women would do anything about it. Many of them kept trying to fiddle with the door but at last quit when they couldn’t pry it open. Finally, after about thirty minutes of torture, all the women in the washroom eventually left, letting Phoenix heave a huge sigh of relief.

As Phoenix was about to step down, he heard the door open again. He swore to himself and mentally cursed the damn place as he jumped back onto the toilet. He expected the woman to use the facilities and leave, but to his alarmed terror, she attempted to open his stall! Phoenix could feel his heart almost literally standstill as he heard keys, then saw the lock on the door start to turn.

The door flung wide open, which earned both a scream from the woman who opened it, as well as a look of horror and agony on Phoenix’s face.

“Mr.…Mr. Wright! What…What the hell are you doing?” Standing at the door was none other than Adrian Andrews, with a look of shock, anger, and revulsion all rolled up on her pretty face.

“Oh um…Hello Ms. Andrews…”

“Why the hell are you in the ladies’ bathroom, hiding in a stall? I mean, I know men are attracted to the female body, but what kind of sick bastard such as yourself hides out in the ladies’ bathroom!?”

“Wait, Ms. Andrews! I have a good reason for being in here!”

“A good reason? What is it? Your internet is out, so you couldn’t watch your usual videos?”

“No, it’s nothing like that! Please let me explain!”

Phoenix relayed the situation to Adrian, about Larry trying to seduce him and him accidentally running into the ladies’ room in attempts to escape. Adrian’s expression soon melted from a look of annoyed disappointment to amusement when Phoenix finally finished.

“So…is that the whole truth?”

“Yes…The absolute truth…”

“Humph…I believe you, I suppose you’re not the kind of person to do that sort of thing…” Adrian sighed and closed her eyes, awaiting an answer, but opened them when he stayed silent. Looking at him, she realized the reason he had stayed quiet was that he was staring at her breasts!

She crossed her arms as her brown eyes shot daggers at Phoenix.

“Then again, maybe you are lying if you’re going to ogle at my chest like some kind of lecherous pervert!”

“Huh…? Oh, no! It’s just that…I don’t remember your chest being that big before….”

Before Phoenix knew it, he felt a hand slap him across the face, causing him to fall backward and right into the toilet water.

“And what kind of comment is that?” Adrian demanded.

“I’m sorry, it’s just the honest truth!” He pushed himself out of the toilet and could feel the back of his pants were soaked with toilet water, earning a groan from the man. The icy effect of the cold water on his rear did have a slightly sobering effect; he could only blame his semi-hungover state for his ridiculous slip of the tongue.

“Well you could have kept the honest truth to yourself thank you! But yes, I had breast implants a few months ago…”

“I see…” Phoenix walked over and grabbed a few paper towels trying to wipe the water off of the backside of his pants. Adrian let out a long sigh as she strolled over and grabbed his hand.

“Mr. Wright…I have a dryer in my room…We can dry your pants in there if you like.”

“Huh…? Oh um yes…thank you…” Phoenix and Adrian exited the ladies ‘room (earning a few looks from the other lobby patrons) and made their way up to her room.

 Gatewater Hotel- Adrian’s Room – June 28, 2023

Phoenix and Adrian arrived in her room. He couldn’t help but notice that the place was much nicer compared to other rooms, even Rhoda’s – which was saying a lot, considering the hotel’s high quality of standard.

He was still admiring the place when Adrian spoke up.

“Alright, give me your pants.”

“Huh…? Oh um, don’t you have any spare for me to wear since…?”

“Mr. Wright, do you seriously think I have never seen a man in his underpants? Especially with these babies?” She smirked and gestured to her ample bosom.

“Uh…Good point.” Phoenix slid his pants off and handed them to Adrian, who took them and placed them in her dryer. “So…I didn’t know you stayed at Gatewater.”

“Well, my house is being rebuilt because of a fire, so the Gatewater Hotel offered me a free room. The only catch is, I work for free as their refreshment woman.”

“I see. Do you still work at Lordly Tailors?”

“Yeah, I work there on the weekends, which is when I’m off from here.” She gave his boxer-clad body a can’t-miss appraising once-over. “While you wait for your pants, you can enjoy the hot tub. It’s right outside of the porch there. You’ll find some swim trunks in the drawer right beside the door.”

“Um…thank you.” Phoenix strolled over to the drawer and pulled out the water short. He quickly swapped them with his underwear and exited outside.

Phoenix squinted as the early morning sun hit his eyes. He walked over to the hot tub, pulled his beanie, shirt, and sweatshirt off, then threw them to the side as he entered the tub. His frayed mind and tense muscles easily relaxed with the hot water hitting against his body.

He sat there in silence and almost drifted off to sleep when he heard the door open and saw Adrian walkthrough, in a very nice bikini. Feeling very awake now, it was his turn to be the bearer of appreciative glances this time.

“Mind if I join you?” She asked sultrily.

“Um…Not at all.” Phoenix pulled his legs to himself to make room for Adrian who slipped right in. He immediately took notice of the chest piece she had on and how revealing it was; Phoenix got the feeling that was what she’d been going for.

“It is quite a nice morning, isn’t it?”

“Indeed it is.”

“It’s so nice… I’d even say it’s kind of…seductive.” Adrian scooted closer to Phoenix and pressed her heaving breasts up against his chest, which he honestly saw coming.

“Yeah…In a way.” Phoenix looked at Adrian who gave him a come-hither smile. He had no objections to what he knew was about to happen. Maybe, just maybe, he would find what had been missing from his life for so long…

Adrian pressed her chest even more firmly against him as she leaned up and joined her lips with his. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, which just pressed her breasts against him even more. As their tongues battled for control, he moved his hands up Adrian’s back and went to unhook her bikini top.

Although Phoenix stumbled…a lot, much to his embarrassed chagrin.

Goddammit, I didn’t have this problem last night!

“Um…Mr. Wright, are you having trouble?”

“No…um…I almost got it…” Phoenix continued to struggle with Adrian’s clasp, until she finally, mercifully, assisted him and cast it aside.

“There, better?” She flashed him a teasing smile. “I figured you could at least do something as simple as that!”

“Yes…well…” His cheeks reddened as Adrian laughed, before moving up onto Phoenix with her bare breasts now pressed against his drenched, muscular chest.

“Just because they’re store-bought doesn’t mean they’re not as good as the real thing!” Adrian whispered in Phoenix’s ear, which just caused him to smirk in turn. He started rubbing his hands against her bared back and nibbled at her neck, which earned him a purr of approval in return.

Phoenix finally moved his head up to her ear and whispered in it.

“I hope you are on birth control because I’m not wearing any protection.”

Adrian smirked as she answered Phoenix. “No reason to worry, love. The temperature is warm enough to kill any cells that might…escape.”

“Um, are you sure…?”

“Yes, I’m sure…But yes, I am on birth control, so no need to worry, love.”

Phoenix locked lips with Adrian again, as he moved his now more cooperative hands down to her bikini bottoms and started unhooking the strap that connected it. Once it was opened, Phoenix threw the piece off, allowing Adrian’s bared physique to fully press up against his half-naked physique.

As Phoenix started to move his hands to the front of Adrian’s body, she started to use her hands to pull down his shorts. She finally slid them down all the way and pressed her glistening, nude form fully against his own slick naked body.

Another kiss–softer this time–as Phoenix caressed Adrian’s breast, feeling her nipple stiffen against his palm. She arched her back and dug her fingers into his shoulders. He slipped his other hand between them, down to her throbbing core, and slipped a teasing finger inside her. She moaned as he explored her with gentle, dexterous fingers, ready to lose her mind at the sensations as she moved shamelessly against his skillful hand.

He clutched at her with a dizzying exhilaration that beat the hell out of anything he’d ever felt under the influence of booze. He gripped the back of her head to deepen the kiss, shuddering because he was impossibly hard already, aching with the need to push, to possess.

Without warning, Phoenix grabbed her and hauled her to him. Their mouths met in a crushing kiss, their slippery bodies slamming together with awkward urgency. In one brutal thrust, he set her down on his length, filling her so suddenly she gave a shocked gasp, which then gave way to rapture as she slowly began rocking sinuously against him. She could feel the pleasure shoot through her body while she enjoyed the thrilling ride, then clenched tightly around him as she heard his blissful groan, his whole body bucking reflexively.

Finally, simultaneous screams of ecstasy overcame the both of them and Adrian collapsed against him as Phoenix drew her tightly against his sweaty, wet torso, both still huffing and puffing.

Adrian smiled at him and murmured into his ear.

“That…was amazingPhoenix.”

Adrian laid her head on Phoenix, who in turn just nodded his head.

“Yeah…Ms.…er, Adrian. Amazing…” He echoed hollowly.

Yes, truthfully Phoenix had indeed enjoyed it. That wasn’t the issue; he couldn’t remember a time where he didn’t enjoy being with a woman, especially such a beautiful, willing one whom he’d known for some time now, and liked enough, as a person overall.

He lay his head gently on the hard surface tub edge, puffs of warm breath threading out of his lips as he absently held Adrian against him. He’d have done anything to feel the radiating heat of another by this point. Eyelids fluttering shut, he allowed himself a quick smile and allowed pleasant thoughts to cross his mind. Maybe he’d be joining others soon, maybe if he just waited a little longer.

Maybe someday…

But until that day arrived, the void that was in his heart was still present.



Filling The Void Copyright © by JordanPhoenix. All Rights Reserved.

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