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Blindknyttstories – Well JP has kindly threatened…err…Asked me to write this chapter for everybody’s enjoyment, she definitely set the scale rather high with those last two chapters so I’ll try my best to entertain you all and make you all feel bad for Nick along the way (Now being forced to write with a quill pen, Trying escape attempt tonight)

JP – While I am compelled to assure my copilot that he is way too modest et je pense, il est très drôle I am even more compelled to bark: “Ink and pen was good enough for Hogwarts’s fledgling wizards and it shall be good enough for you too!” *cracks whip* (hey, this actually IS the Wright chapter for that this time…)

Wright Talent Agency – July 15, 2023



To say Phoenix’s life had been hell on earth since his unplanned sleepover with Tiffany would have been the complete understatement of the century.

First, he had come down with a terrible cold (how had he managed to catch a cold in LA…in summer for Pete’s sake!?), which had knocked him off his ass and forced him to miss an entire week of work – and pay!

Then Trucy had written home, saying she’d made a new friend at magic camp – whose name was Brad! This newfound knowledge had made the hobo cuss to the moon and back – his 12-year-old daughter was too young for boys, dammit!

He wished Edgeworth was still in the country instead of on an international investigation in Europe. He would have asked his fastidious friend to do a thorough background check on the little punk – which, due to Phoenix’s fatherly instincts, he just knew this “Brad” surely was!

Last, butt  not least, his godforsaken, unsolicited, permanent marker tattoo on his rear end still wouldn’t come off – no matter how many times he’d scrubbed it nearly raw with a loofah!

All these factors withstanding, it was no surprise that on that evening, like the many others before them since the mischievous waitress’s marksmanship, the beanie man was in the foulest of foul moods. Not even the extra bottle of his favorite merlot cheered him up. It may have been deemed unwise to be drinking when still slightly under the weather, but the wine was made of grapes and grapes were a fruit … ergo, it was a healthy beverage option, he reasoned whilst downing the remains of his ever-present bottle.

Phoenix lay back on the couch, grumbling about his plight and wondering if things could get any worse when he suddenly heard his cell ringing. He looked down and saw that the call was from Larry and groaned out loud.

Yes, things could get much worse!

He ignored his phone, opting not to deal with his old pal of bizarrely sudden turnabout gender preference, and continued to brood.

Shortly afterward, he received a text message on his cell.

He picked it up to discover he had, in fact, two text messages. The first one was from an unknown number.

Mr. Wright. You more than likely do not remember me. I am a former client who needs to speak with you. You can find me in People Park this evening at 9:00 pm.

The wino just stared at the screen, wondering who would need to talk to him at this hour – it was 8:30 already – especially since he was no longer a lawyer! Was it remotely possible that they had somehow missed all the TV and news headlines about the Forgin’ Attorney four years ago?!

He sighed, knowing that the right thing to do was to go visit them, regardless. He checked to see who else had texted him, and saw that it was Larry – again!

Nick! Why are you ignoring meeeee!?

Phoenix face-palmed hard as he threw his phone down and hurried out of the agency.

People Park – July 15, 2023


He arrived in People Park as fast as he could. Thanks to his regular jogging regimen, the sprint had only taken ten minutes, but Phoenix was still worried he would be late for his client. He looked around the park and saw the place was deserted. This didn’t surprise him, considering it was an unnatural chilly night, especially for summer. How could it be so freezing cold in LA? What was this, Japan?!

Or had hell on earth just frozen over, starting with Southern California?

He paced about, shivering, and he wondered where on earth his client was!

Phoenix was about to pull his mobile out to text the person when he realized that he’d left it at the apartment because of the agitating, love-struck Larry.

He shivered slightly as the cold breeze blew against him. The consumed vino hadn’t done much in warming him up whatsoever. Whoever it was, they’d better show up soon, because it was nearly 9:00 now, and if he stood there for another minute he was going to be a vanilla popsicle!

It was now 9:00. He was outta there!

Phoenix had just started to head on the path back home when he heard footsteps behind him, echoing in the still of the night.

He turned around to see a figure in high heels walking in the distance. Figuring this must be his client, he walked over to the person to get a better look. As he got closer, he could tell it was a female, in a very fluffy jacket, who appeared to have light blue hair, and in her hand…wait, was that a…whip?!

The ex-lawyer froze – in a manner that had nothing to do with the frigid temperature. He knew who this woman was, and he knew what she was capable of. He quietly began to turn around when the female spoke up.

“It’s good to see you again…Foolish Phoenix Wright.”

The card shark could feel his heart speed up. He didn’t want to deal with this woman …especially now, of all times!

It looked as though he had no choice, though. She’d already seen him.

“Ah…Same to you…Franziska…” He wore his best pokerface as he greeted her.

Franziska Von Karma smirked as he turned, smirking at the undisguised terror in Phoenix’s eyes as she approached him. She could also see the new casual sweatsuit he now donned, the baggy fitting doing little to mask what her admiring eyes could tell was quite the muscular build underneath. Coupled with his slight shadowy scruff, the whole package seemed both fitting and incredibly charming. She smiled smugly at him.

“It seems like a foolish fool such as yourself was finally caught for the cheater he actually is.”

“Err…um… look, I’m sorry Franziska, I don’t have time to chitchat,” he replied uncomfortably. “I’m here to meet with a client.”

The German woman leered as she sent him a look that made his entire body shake. A coy smile played upon her normally stern features as she walked up to him and used two long-nailed fingers to trace his chest.

“Yes well…I was the one who sent that foolish text message. I know you would not have come if I had said it was me.”

Well, you’re right about that! He cleared his throat nervously as she inched even closer.  “Yes well…”

Franziska continued tracing his granite pectorals with her fingers, which made him even more frightened.

And yet, strangely enough, still somewhat turned on

Jeez, since when does hardcore fear suddenly make me…hard? I am one sick freak! Ima blame the wine…

“You sure have grown into such a fine, foolish man…” Franziska fluttered long lashes over lusty grey eyes. “And, I confess I find it’s quite…alluring.”

The former defense attorney could feel sweat breaking out on his head despite the cold weather. He also couldn’t believe that Franziska Von Karma, of all people, would be coming onto him! This was, after all, the same woman who had made him a victim of the whip more times than the girl in Fifty Shades of Grey! She was also the daughter of the diabolical, corrupt prosecutor whom Phoenix had essentially sentenced to death!

“Yes well…Franziska, you have grown to be quite attractive yourself…”

Maybe I can get out of this with no whiplashes if I go with heavy flattery…

“Fool! I have always been attractive, and a Von Karma is nothing but perfect.” Franziska pulled her whip out and started using it to trace along Phoenix’s chest, making him sweatdrop even more.

“Yes…I suppose…Well, I should get going, I have a, um…cat to tend to…”

Franziska smirked as she quickly wrapped her whip around Phoenix’s body, pulling him right into her, obviously unconvinced of his pathetic attempt to worm his way out of the situation.

Good grief, how was I ever a lawyer?! I can’t bluff for shit anymore! The cold must be affecting my brain. Or is that the blasted wine again?

“The only pussycat you need to attend to…is me, Phoenix Wright,” Franziska purred in his ear, making him turn bright red. “Meow.”

As accustomed as I’ve gotten to sexually aggressive women at this point, most of them still aren’t this straightforward right out of the gate!

Franziska pushed up against him and nuzzled his neck like a cat on a hot tin roof while she grazed his back with her claw-like talons.

Nor do they literally rub themselves all over me like a feline in heat and treat me like a scratching post made from catnip…

“Flattering and tempting as the concept might be, I highly doubt we could do anything out here in the cold…”

“Foolish fool of a fool’s offspring. Nobody else is here. I’m sure you can have plenty of fun generating some heat with this pussycat.”

The prosecutor licked down Phoenix’s neck, earning a shiver from him, only this time purely from desire.

Cat in heat jokes aside, Franziska Von Karma is one of the few women I have a detailed past with. Well, other than…

Phoenix shook his head to stop his mind from venturing down that dangerously depressing memory lane and figured he may as well go with the flow. As it was, Franziska’s kitten-like nips at his neck were already starting to make him feel slightly warmer already…

It’s not like I’m getting out of here anytime soon anyway…kitty’s caught me like a mouse in her trap…

“Hmmm…make things hotter? Maybe I can,” he growled against her skin as he began trailing a hot path of kisses along the femme fatale’s neck, earning the cat woman’s purr of approval. She kept his body firmly close with her whip, ensuring he couldn’t get away. She used her free hand to feel along his muscled back. Liking what she felt, especially along the bottom half, she gave his butt a firm squeeze.

“Mmmm, it seems the foolish fool…can still be perfect in certain areas…” the prosecutor was steadily losing control over her body as Phoenix used his free hands to start undoing her blouse while pressing searing kisses up her throat until finally, his lips joined with hers. Their tongues battled for control against one another, but Phoenix was able to gain the advantage, showing Franziska even a fool could best a Von Karma.

She pulled him on top of her with the whip, which caused them both to fall onto the cold grass. By that point, he’d fully undone Franziska’s clothing, resulting in her being down to just her undergarments. He discreetly started tracing down her arm and towards the leather coil, but while the DA was losing much control over her body, it still appeared as if she was going to make sure she held onto her prized possession.

He smirked, keeping their mouths still hotly pressed together as he reached down and grabbed the weapon. She struggled to keep up the erotic game of tug of war for the whip in her hand, before eventually losing it to his questing hand.

Feeling victorious, he undid the whip around himself and laid it to the side, earning a groan of disapproval from Franziska, which he ignored. Finally, when down to nothing but her bra and panties, the prosecutor turned Phoenix over and sat upon his lap.

“Mmmm, I have stripped down in the cold for a fool, yet you couldn’t do the same for a Von Karma?” She smiled seductively, and he got the hint.

He pulled off his sweatshirt and his shirt. While he was doing that, the German woman was working on his pants. Once he was down to nothing but his boxers, he felt Franziska’s silky hair trailing over his bared torso as she started licking and kissing his nipples.

While Franziska was enjoying the flavor of his pecs, he went to work on removing her bra. As he reached around her to undo it, he found, to his mortified chagrin, that once again, his clumsy fingers didn’t appear to be cooperating.

What the hell? First Adrian and now Franziska? Just what the hell is wrong with me…? He barely stifled an embarrassed, self-deprecating groan. knew I shouldn’t have had that second bottle of wine before I came out here…

She noticed that he was having trouble with her brassiere and shot him a look of displeasure.

“You foolish fool, you are ruining this perfect moment!”

“No, I uh…just… taking a bit of time to undo this…”

Freaking chastity belt chest plate! How many hooks do these things need, anyway?!

Said bit of time, which resulted in his fingers feeling numb from the cold and cramped from exertion, took a full five minutes before Phoenix was able to emerge triumphant with the unhooked garment. Not that Franziska congratulated him for his efforts. She just rolled her eyes pressed her bared torso against him as she went back to work on his body.

She began to kiss down his rippling abdominals as her tormenting mouth traced a scorching path south.

Before he could react, she yanked down his boxers and grabbed his cock with an expert hand before taking him as far into her mouth as he could go.

“Mm!” He groaned. “Ohhh . . . damn . . .”

Success! His noises spurred her on. She swirled her tongue around his head and stroked his shaft with one hand, fondling his balls with the other.

“Franziska,” he stammered. “Oh, God . . . what . . . are you doing . . .”

She looked up at him. His eyes sent a shiver through her. He was gone, totally gone. A soft shock of hair swept across his brow. His head was thrown back, his lips parted slightly. He watched in a stupor as her tongue and mouth made his cock glisten.

“Mm,” he moaned again. He clenched his teeth. Fuck, he was fighting it— fighting his pleasure, fighting for control. So hot.

She worked faster. With long, deep sucks she drew his head into the back of her throat, his huge member filling her mouth. He was too large to have taken the whole thing, but she did the best she could with her hand and the seal of her lips.

He blissfully closed his eyes, his breathing quickened, and his body jolted with pleasure as her skillful lips and tongue ministrations drew him to near frenzy.

Ok Phoenix, this is nothing new to you…the only difference is you are on the cold ground…in a public park… after dark…Wait doesn’t the mafia own this park?

Phoenix’s breathing intensified. Franziska definitely went out of her way to make everything perfect, he now knew that firsthand! He grabbed his underwear, freeing himself completely, and pulled it off his leg so he could fully enjoy the perfect treatment.

His boxers were lying beside him as he enjoyed the pleasuring of perfection until he heard a sound… a small, footstep. Franziska, still focused on her delightful task, didn’t appear to notice.

What the shit?!

He looked over and saw…a huge, fluffy… raccoon. The ring-eyed bandit just sat there, staring him deep in the eyes, completely weirding him out while distracting him from the sensations of oral perfection. The raccoon inched its way even closer to Phoenix, who’d stopped breathing and just stared at the little animal, frantically wondering if getting his mind, among other things, blown, was worth the price of a potentially rabid raccoon bite!

Suddenly, without warning, the raccoon grabbed his drawers, and ran off with them! The DILF was completely stunned as he saw the little pest run up a tree and start nibbling on his shorts!

Phoenix gave a long sigh of relief that he’d been spared the animal’s bite, and decided to ignore the fact that he would have to go commando. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t just wear his pants sans drawers, just this once.

He closed his eyes and decided to continue enjoying the rapture of Franziska’s perfect pleasuring…until he heard something else. He opened his eyes and saw a large, mighty-winged eagle circling closer and staring down at him.

Phoenix froze in horror.

Forget a rabid bite! This thing…could kill him…!

He tried to use his hand to shoo it away, but Franziska grabbed his hands with her own as she went to work. He tried not to whimper.

Goddammit, woman! No lap-loving is worth losing my head over…

Suddenly the eagle flew over to his sweatshirt, looked down at the material, scratched it a few times… then grabbed the clothing with its talons and flew away with it! He saw the bird fly up to a nearby tree and lay the sweatshirt down, no doubt for the foundation of its nest.

Phoenix just gawked at the bird of prey, utterly stupified by what the blasted thing had just done. What were the odds?!

He supposed he was lucky his ratty sweatshirt was all the huge avian had decided to swoop down on!

Oh well, he could live without undershorts or his sweatshirt – not that he had much of a choice!

He tried to lay back and continue his enjoyment, but this time, though, he kept his eyes open. Franziska went on with her toe-curling tactics, still somehow oblivious to everything around them. She was teasing him mercilessly with her mouth and could tell that Phoenix was close to the edge. His balls were tight in her hand, and his shaft throbbed in her mouth.

A moment later, he heard yet another sound and couldn’t believe his eyes!

Phoenix looked over, and standing above his pants was a large dog…Some sort of mixed-breed mutt, with its tongue sticking out.

OK, this is officially beyond disturbia! How many more sets of eyes are going to get to see my junk tonight? I don’t think I have any more clothes left to steal! Except for…oh dear Lord…

The dog began sniffing Phoenix’s pants.

The poor man was starting to fear that he would have to run home in his birthday suit at this point! He was just about to wiggle free from Franziska’s sexy clutches in a vain effort to save his joggers when, to his great relief, the dog turned around, leaving the clothing untouched, and turned to leave…

Oh, thank heavens! Someone up there likes me!

…Although not before mangy mutt lifted his leg up and urinated all over his pants!

Seriously?! Great. Just great…

Phoenix’s jaw had just dropped at this kind of Scheiße luck when he then felt the vixen abruptly stop pawing at him, which just made him even more worried. He saw the prosecutor was leaning over for her whip, which caused him to get wide-eyed with panic.

“Um…Franziska, why are you grabbing your whip?”

“Hehe…I’m just doing whatever is necessary to make this perfect Phoenix Wright… To ensure you don’t do anything foolish, I’ll have this to keep you in line.”

Phoenix was now petrified. Suddenly something that was already dangerous but had seemed exciting, now just flat out seemed…dangerous.

“Well…Well, you don’t need to worry about that…I’ll stay in line…”

“Mmm, I’ll still keep my insurance.” Franziska flashed a devilish smile at Phoenix, who felt his heart drop. “Now why don’t you sit up and let me see the goods you have behind you, hmmm? They definitely felt good.”

Phoenix gulped as he was about to sit up, however as soon as he started, he remembered his shame.


The markings on his butt. If Franziska saw them, he surely wouldn’t be able to sit for weeks!

“Uh well um…How about I just keep laying down…This grass is actually quite comfortable…”

She flashed a look of annoyance and he could smile back sheepishly. This only made her further intensify her glare, which could easily rival Edgeworth’s – any day!

“Humph…I won’t warn you again, Phoenix Wright! Ruin this and I shall make you pay!” Franziska cracked her whip against the ground, causing him to flinch.

“Yes well um…This is the perfect spot because um…um…my ass won’t get cold in the cool breeze…?”

Franziska brandished the whip over Phoenix, who gulped but didn’t budge.

She lashed out and hit his shoulder with her whip, causing him to yelp, more from fear than pain.

“Phoenix Wright! A foolish fool like you will not ruin a Von Karma’s perfect experience!”

Franziska hopped off of Phoenix and tried pulling him up. He tried to resist, but the whip was the deciding factor.

Once he was forced on his stomach, the fiery beauty emitted an outraged gasp when she saw what he’d been trying to hide. He grimaced in preparation for the explosive reaction.

“Foolish Phoenix Wright! What is the meaning of these markings!?”

“Yeah about that…I, um…It’s a long story.” Phoenix could see Franziska grinding her teeth while cracking her whip on the ground.

“Admit it, you fool! You have been going around everywhere insulting women by having one-night stands with them!”

Insulting them? That’s just mean! Considering each time it was their idea!

“Er, isn’t that what you were about to do with me?”

“Grrr, I was going to give a foolish fool like you the perfect experience, yet something like this could not make this perfect anymore.”

It is never good whenever Franziska von Karma doesn’t get her way…

Phoenix had to think – and fast!

“Well, we can still make this perfect…” He tried giving her his best come-hither look.

“Humph, how?” She asked petulantly, although less angrily now.

“Well um…I say whether a one-time Rendez-Vous is perfect or not, depends on how the main course goes, wouldn’t you say?” Phoenix gave a sly smile to Franziska, who gave an ice-cold glare back.

Phoenix gave a sly smile to Franziska, who gave an ice-cold glare back.

“Fine. Very well, but if this doesn’t satisfy my appetite, then prepare to be punished, Phoenix Wright!”

No pressure there at all….but I think I can git er’ done!

Phoenix smirked as he leaned up and locked lips with Franziska once more. She fell back on top of him as their tongues battled again. His hands stroked her body, pausing occasionally to caress the mole on her bare shoulder or stroke her hardened nipples, which earned a purr of satisfaction from her as she arched her back.  With gentle hands, he skimmed her moist panties down her legs.

When she was naked, he cupped her breasts in his big hands before trailing his fingers down her ribs and over her stomach. His fingers slipped lower to her mound, pressing her most intimate place in the palm of his hand until she gasped and arched her back, pressing hard against him.

She nuzzled his neck, nipping at corded muscle, felt the steady beat of his pulse against her lips. Her hand trailed low over his flat belly to fondle his still–damp cock. Much to her delight, he began to swell beneath her touch.

“Wet,” he murmured, his fingers caressing her delicate folds so gently she thought she would scream. “I knew you would be, for me. Taste yourself, Franziska.”

Before she could refuse, his finger slid between her parted lips and she tasted her own desire. She moaned low in her throat, reckless with her need as she palmed his heavy erection in her hand. Even here, where he should be hot, he was cool. She stroked the velvety soft tip of him, swirling a teardrop of arousal around the velvety head until he captured her hand and dragged it away.

“I want you inside me,” she hissed, her breath coming in short, ragged pants.

“I know, Franziska, I know.” He pulled her onto his lap and she wrapped her legs around his waist, his erection nudging the cleft of her core.

“I want you,” she gasped, unable to voice her need, unsure even what it was she needed.

“You will have what you want,” he said, laying back on the grass and pulling her with him. “As much as you want. Take it all.”

Their bodies pressed together, shoulder to hip, and she had only to shift her weight and he was inside her. She looked down into his magnificent face, rugged and strong, as he guided into her swiftly and smoothly. The initial sensation earning a hiss of gratification from her as she arched her back, rocking against the thickness of his erection and flat-out purring with pleasure as her nails raked at his pecs and abs.

She began moving up and down on Phoenix, her loud howls of ecstasy echoing in the night. (Yet somehow not triggering a feline chorus of neighboring alley cats).

First raccoon, then eagle, then dog…and now I am legit having sex with Cat Woman! Phoenix had his eyes closed as he used his lower half and his hands to enhance the experience. Still…Cat Woman sure is an uncaged tigress tonight! The crazy ones are always the wildest ride…

He raised his pelvis, causing Franziska to wrap her arms around him as she moved her body in a seamless, synchronized rhythm with his. He started licking and kissing her ear, which caused her to get even louder with her yowls and purrs. His hands grabbed her hips, her breasts pressing up against him. His eyes remained closed as he enjoyed the thrill banging ride.

Phoenix halfway opened his eyes during the experience, only to fully snap them open when he saw what was on the other side of the park!

Standing there was an extremely big, menacing-looking man, with puffy eyebrows, a giant cleaver, and a…fox apron?

The disbarred attorney released a loud cry of terror.

Franziska stopped, knowing something was wrong. Then she turned around and let out a feral scream when she saw the man, falling off of Phoenix in the process.

They both gaped at the man while he stared back.

The man’s loud, booming voice echoed from across the other side of the park.

“What the hell are you two doing?”

Phoenix and Franziska both immediately bolted up when they heard him. He frantically quickly grabbed his shirt, beanie, and micturated pants while Franziska frantically seized her own clothes, (fortunately, in her case, without any soiled garments – somehow hers had been spared being pilfered or peed on!) while also grabbing her whip. Without even bidding each other adieu, both took off from People Park like bats out of hell.

As the poker player was running for his life, while simultaneously trying to put what was left of his clothes back on, his wallet fell out in the middle of the park, completely unnoticed.

For Phoenix Wright, the disbarred attorney, this was by far the worst night of his life.

For the lucky women who happened to be looking out their windows that night, they saw the most amazing sight ever – a half-naked, muscled man with spiky hair, running along the street back to his apartment.

Even more unfortunately for Phoenix, losing his wallet from that one-night quickie would end up resulting in long-term consequences…



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